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Barbershop Lingo – How To Get The Haircut You Want

January 28, 2016

Getting the perfect haircut involves more than just going to the barber and saying, ‘just make it a bit shorter, mate’. Especially if you’re sporting a style that takes a bit of finesse to pull off, or if your hairstyle has grown out a bit, it’s really important to know how to ask your barber for the style you’re after. Now, we barbers may seem like magicians sometimes, but (believe it or not) we’re definitely not mind readers. There’s always a chance that a seemingly obvious indication from you about how you want your hair might still be misinterpreted if you don’t know the correct terms to use. And the last thing any barber wants is for you to be...

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Top 5 Men's Grooming Turn Offs

January 14, 2016

Like it or not fellas, guys all around you are upping their game when it comes to their personal grooming. And it’s scoring them major points – a well-groomed guy has a vibe about him that other people are naturally attracted to. Unfortunately, some guys are still getting some of the basics very, very wrong. Don’t be that guy. Read on to make sure you’re not committing any of our top 5 grooming turn offs. 1. Neglecting your oral hygiene. Picture this: you’ve just met someone you’d like to impress. They look you in the eyes first, and smile. All good so far. Casually their gaze travels down your face to your mouth. You flash them a smile as you...

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