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Pomades, Waxes, and Gels... What’s the Difference?

March 23, 2016

There’s no longer any reason for guys to have a bad hair day. There just isn’t. Not with the amount of quality products available these days tailored just for us. That being said, trying to choose the right product to get your hair looking just how you want it can be a bit daunting for some. I mean, what on Earth is a ‘pomade’ anyway? It sounds like a type of small fluffy dog, you know, the highly strung ones that yap all the damn time. Let’s end the confusion. Today we’re going to cover the big 3: pomades, waxes and gels. When should you use them? And just what is the difference between them anyway? Read on to find...

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5 Essential Tips For Taking Care Of Your Skin

March 10, 2016

Guys, here’s some news that might surprise some of you: skincare routines are not just for chicks. Our skin is not made up of extra tough stuff that makes our faces invincible. In fact, our skin is thicker, has more pores, is oilier, and sweats more than our female friends. So it stands to reason that we need to take care of our skin if we want it to stay in good shape - just like any other part of our body. We are all aging, we are all exposed to the sun, and most of us are probably also dehydrated (especially after a weekend bender). Fortunately, lots of us modern guys get it. And skincare companies get it too...

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