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A Brief History of Barber Tools

November 19, 2015

Barbers today employ a range of specialty tools designed to keep your mane perfectly trimmed and your face ultra smooth.  But it wasn’t always this way. Let’s have a quick wander through history to find out how barbers kept us looking our best in the past. Early beginnings. From as early as 3000BC, barbering services were performed in ancient Egypt, where people shaved their heads and faces regularly. But if you sat down for a tidy up back then, you’d have been worked on with a series of crude instruments usually formed from sharpened flint, stone, or oyster shells. Let’s assume that those guys sat very, very still when having a shave. By the time of the Roman Empire, crude...

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Haircare 101: How To Take Care Of Your Hair

November 05, 2015

When your hair is looking good, you feel good. But for a lot of guys, good hair doesn’t just happen automatically. Dry, brittle or damaged hair can make styling really difficult and leave you feeling not at your best.Just like your car, your hair needs proper maintenance to stay in top form. Certain shampoos or products market themselves as able to ‘repair the damage’ to your hair, but the truth is that once your hair is damaged, it cannot repair itself. The good news is that with the right hair care routine, it’s possible for every guy to maintain great looking hair.So let’s check out some hair care fundamentals that keep your crowning glory looking top notch. Ease up on the...

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