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Top 5 Men's Grooming Turn Offs

Like it or not fellas, guys all around you are upping their game when it comes to their personal grooming. And it’s scoring them major points – a well-groomed guy has a vibe about him that other people are naturally attracted to.

Unfortunately, some guys are still getting some of the basics very, very wrong. Don’t be that guy. Read on to make sure you’re not committing any of our top 5 grooming turn offs.

1. Neglecting your oral hygiene.

Picture this: you’ve just met someone you’d like to impress. They look you in the eyes first, and smile. All good so far. Casually their gaze travels down your face to your mouth. You flash them a smile as you speak to them, only to see their expression changing to mild revulsion as they cop an eyeful of your grubby teeth. As a final insult, you can practically feel the whiplash of their recoil from your manky breath.

Nobody wants to talk with someone who has a gross mouth, let alone kiss them. Make sure you brush, floss, and rinse your chompers daily. Naturally, The Emporium Barber has you covered for quality toothpaste:

2. Letting your rugged look go feral.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s a VERY fine line between ‘rugged-looking handsome man’ and ‘grotty looking crazy person’. The trick with the rugged look is, well, that it’s not really authentically rugged at all. 

If you simply jump out of bed, neglect to comb your hair or shave, and think you’ll be able to enter the world of human attraction, you’re tragically wrong.

The rugged look takes expert fine-tuning and regular maintenance to stay on the right side of the street-bum line. Even 14-year-old Emo kids who look as though their hair has been frozen mid-mini cyclone have spent hours achieving their particular version of ‘I don’t give a damn’ mess.

So for goodness sake, comb your hair, trim your beard, and make sure you smell good. Try these hair care and hair styling products for starters:

3. Having hair where it shouldn’t be.

“I love the feel of his nose hairs tickling me as I kiss him” said NO-ONE, EVER. 

Guys, little things like nose hair and ear hair need to be kept under control. You basically have two options for your nose hair: get some nail scissors from the chemist and trim regularly, or go the low maintenance route and get it waxed (it’ll grow back much slower).

As for your ears, NEVER try and hack at them yourself – you could do some damage. The next time you’re in the barbershop, ask your barber to take care of any excess hair for you.

A note on eyebrow waxing: most girls don’t want their man’s eyebrows to be more manicured and shaped than theirs. A neaten up is much more desirable than a groomed-beyond-the-limits-of-natural-law brow.

4. Smelling of Eau-De-Body-Odour.

It’s sad to say that still in these modern times some guys just haven’t got the memo about deodorant. Hint: smelling clean is IN (and has been since about 1905). 

Don’t tell me ‘I don’t sweat’ or ‘chicks love a bit of manly smell’. Just don’t! It’s really not true. Just take a look at anyone’s face when they’re stuck under a guy’s sweaty armpit on the train, and you’ll get my point.

I’m not saying you need to douse yourself in enough sickly sweet men’s perfume to make a used car salesman choke. I’m saying you need to wash and deodorize yourself every day. 

If you’re an active guy, do it more than once. Carry a bottle of deodorant in your bag or keep a bottle at work and at the gym.

5. Having greasy hair.

Unless you’re seriously rocking the Gordon Gecko slicked back wet look, greasy hair is an instant turn off. 

It’s not difficult to maintain clean hair – plenty of shampoos offer variations for many different hair types. So wash your hair every 2-3 days with a good quality shampoo and conditioner.

And go easy on the product – if you find you’re using an amount larger than a 20c coin each day, you might be damaging your hair and scalp instead of promoting a healthy, shiny and well hydrated mane. 

Have a chat to your barber the next time you’re in for a haircut about what will work best for you.

There you have it – our 5 biggest and most common turn offs. Hopefully you haven’t recognised yourself in any of the above no-no’s, but if you have, it’s nothing that some good grooming and regular maintenance can’t fix. And the great thing about personal grooming is that the better you look, the better you feel.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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