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6 Grooming Practices Men Should Know About If They Want To Be Successful

What makes people successful? A difficult question to ask no doubt… but an important one to consider. The usual response tends to be things like dressing for success and living your life with purpose and ambition. In other words, look the part, and believe it.

6 grooming tips for success 

Plenty of research has been done on the theories that lead to success, like this study published in 2014 by the Journal of Experimental Psychology. In this study men from various income, backgrounds were given either a pair of sweatpants (representing lower class) or a suit (representing upper class) and tasked with selling a hypothetical factory. The results showed that those in the suits were overall more confident in their sale, and achieved a much higher sale price ($830 000 price drop from original offer) compared to those in sweatpants (up to $2.81 million price drop from original offer).

There have been numerous similar studies looking into this topic, with the goal of finding the answer to what makes one man successful while others struggle to pay their phone bills each month.

The Secret Is In The Details

In the study mentioned above, the results showed that these seemingly small details of what you wear to the office can mean a lot in terms of the success you face. Pay attention to the finer details in everything you do. Avoid cutting corners unnecessarily, and learn to notice the small things. That can be anything from choosing the watch you wear, checking to make sure your socks match your pants or deciding if your nose hairs need a trim.

When it comes to inviting success into your life, being conscientious in your grooming patterns, fashion choices, and personal care can go a long way in looking great, feeling great, and performing to the best of your abilities in all that you do… here’s how.

the attention is in the details

Appearances Matter

It’s as simple as this… if you want to be a boss… look like a boss.

Before we get Into The details of how to do this, let’s put this concept into perspective...

Dressing for success means more than simply wearing a suit… it refers to both how you dress, and how you groom yourself. Grooming patterns are often overlooked as a daily practice when it comes to inviting success into your life… that practice is linked to your aesthetic, and how you groom on a daily basis.

Think about a real estate agent that goes to the gym but forgets to iron his shirt and style his hair. These simple steps can leave him looking unprofessional and unkempt. People will notice this which could lead to the loss of a sale. Especially with a potential buyer sitting on the fence looking for any reason to back out of the buy.

Take the same real estate agent, iron his shirt, spend 2 minutes styling his hair, and send him into the same situation. Now his appearance gives the impression that he is professional, pays attention to the details, and is confident that he can take the buyer smoothly through the delicate process of purchasing a home.

ironed shirt

Let’s imagine this same real estate agent is meeting a client at a house, he pulls up in his freshly waxed and immaculate car, but a collection of empty Maccas wrappers are visible in the backseat. What sort of impression do you think this leaves on the potential buyer of the house? I’ll tell you... It shows laziness and poor attention.

The potential buyer will be questioning your professionalism and skill needed for the risky investment venture they were hoping to embark on. This real estate agent is supposed to be their guide through the process. With the cost of a home these days, this is no small venture for most people, buying a home requires care and precision. The man who spends the time cleaning the car but forgets to clean the trash off the back seat doesn’t seem like a very appropriate guide through this delicate process.

Appearances really do matter, as we’ve seen in the examples above. The problem is that many men don’t have a knack for seeing these small details in grooming and dressing for success. Learning to pay attention to the details can take a long time and is a virtue worth embracing… However… we will make it easy for you and give you a list of the 6 grooming practices that men should know if they want to be successful…


1. Get Regular Hair And Beard Trims No Matter What Style You’re Rocking

The way we dress and look has a direct impact on the way we feel. This is hard to deny when you consider how good you feel after a fresh haircut or beard trim. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, let’s look at a series of 5 recent studies done by researchers at Stanford University. They looked at the impacts a “poor self-image” can have on our mindset and confidence levels.

What they found was that events like bad hair days or shaving mishaps can lead to reduced performance and even causes us to place ourselves mentally in a lower social class. The study noted that even thinking about having bad hair can damage performance at work, in the gym, and even in social situations.

Hair grows at the rate of about half a centimetre a week which means that for most people, a weekly or biweekly haircut is the perfect amount for keeping the style you love. As your hair grows longer, it becomes more difficult to maintain the style you want. This is why scheduling yourself in for regular cuts is an easy way to avoid this performance damaging situation.


2. Keep Your Clothes Cleaned And Ironed

This one plays in well with our example. There’s a reason why messy unironed shirts, smelly socks, and stain-laden pants are unpopular in the business community… It basically shows that you don’t give a shit. If you want to be seen as a professional, in whatever you do, clean your damn clothes regularly and iron your shirts. This is something many guys tend to overlook but I can assure you… even in the off chance that your colleagues and clients don’t notice, the women (or potential women) in your life most certainly will!

keep your cloths ironed

3. Buy Yourself A Real Damn Razor

There are razors, and then there are toy razors. Those plastic cartridge razors sold at the chemist are not real razors. When we think of a razor, we want real heavy duty chrome plated blades mounted on exotic and luxurious hardwoods and rose gold handles. We’re talking about classic (and effective) single bladed tools sharp enough to cut a phone book in half. Not a piece of moulded plastic with 30 blades with a list of redundant features longer than Santa's naughty list.

In a previous article, we discussed the benefits of incorporating a wet shave into your daily routine (see more on number 6). Part of doing this is to ensure you have the tools that you actually WANT to use. There are numerous safety razors and straight razors that are simply beautiful, and quite enjoyable to use. They come in nearly any combination of materials and designs, so choose one that you enjoy, and use it every day.

4. Trim The John Howard

If we learned anything from John Howard, it’s that caterpillar brows tend to take centre stage of our attention when looking at someone's face. This, along with nose and ear hairs is one of the easiest things to keep tidy, yet is one of the most commonly neglected aspects of personal grooming across the board. The hair here grows much slower than the hair on our head, meaning you only really need to spend a few minutes a month keeping this hair in check… which can go a long way in adding to our overall appearance. It’s these types of details that make the difference between good stuff… and great stuff.

If you're unsure where to start, or want a professional's touch, try one of our waxing services with your next trim.


5. Invest In high-quality products for your hair and skin

A lot of guys think that using facial moisturisers is something only women do. These men are wrong. The point of a moisturiser and face wash is to remove any irritating dirt and grease and provide new, healthy, and nourishing oils to the skin and hair. This brings colour, and vibrancy into your face, which can actually make you look more attractive. Now, this isn’t something that only women can benefit from...

The idea that using these products can make a man look more attractive can be backed up with market trends of the past, such as a 2002 research article that suggested more than 80% of men who used skin care products had those products purchased for them by their wife or girlfriend. Whether this was a way to make their man more attractive or more confident it doesn’t matter. Both qualities tend to come as a package deal.

In a biological sense, skin with a plump texture, smooth appearance, and healthy colour were all shown to have a direct impact on the attractiveness of an individual.

6. Learn To Cultivate A Grooming Routine

This is the final tip, which is actually the most important. Humans are creatures of habit, we thrive off it. Incorporating a daily grooming routine and incorporating all of the above tips can go a long way in ensuring you don’t miss any of these important details. The key with a routine like this is to commit...  

Have you ever been going to the gym for a solid month, seeing incredible gains and feeling great, only to lose that momentum in an instant after skipping the gym a few days in a row? This is the same with your grooming routine. By committing to it on a daily basis, you will find it much easier to maintain your well groomed aesthetic, and the confidence and success that comes along with it.

Find a pattern that works for you... whether it works best for your schedule to do most of your personal grooming in the morning, or at night it doesn't matter, the key is to just stick with it and do it consistently.  

After you've done your daily grooming, it's always good to add that little extra on top with a shot of your favorite cologne. Ours is the Creed Aventus, a masculine fragrance suited for the elite man. It suggests power and respect, yet is subtle enough to wear anywhere. This fragrance will be your signature, so choose something quality. 

So There You Have It...

Some simple tips to start your journey down the road of success. If you only received one point out of this article, it's that the details count. It's the small things that men so easily miss, yet count for so much. Pay attention to the details!

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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