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How To Choose The Right Hair Products For Your Look

If you’re not blessed with hair that perfectly falls into place and keeps its shape by some sort of magic (that’s pretty much everyone), you need to work a bit at keeping your hair healthy and your style sharp.

And with so many options for guys to keep their hair looking great these days, choosing the right products can get a bit confusing. Especially because we all have different types of hair, and different looks we want to maintain.

So read on for the low-down of which products will help you keep your hair looking just how you want it.


Want good hold and a shiny finish without looking like you’ve dunked your head into a vat of oil? Pomade’s the way to go. It’s good for achieving the same strong, wet and neat look without drying your hair out or getting those nasty little flakes that hair gel can leave.

It’s best for all types of hair and wavy/curly hair of all lengths, especially with short and sleek hairstyles. But if your hair has a tendency to get oily, give it a miss as it will exaggerate the look of an oily noggin.

To style with pomade, just rub a little bit on your palm and then style in your damp or nearly dry hair.

King Brown Original Pomade

 American Crew Fiber

Layrite Super Hold Pomade


Gels are thin in consistency and usually clear. They come in different strengths from light to heavy hold, but unlike waxes and pomades, gels stiffen and get a bit crunchy on your hair. But the great thing about them is that they will hold your hair all day long, creating a look you won’t need to touch up. They still achieve the shiny look, but don’t use too much or you’ll end up looking like a porcupine.

Use light gel for thin hair and a heavier gel for curly, wavy or thick hair. To use it, just spread it evenly on your fingers and the top of your palm, then run your fingers through your hair to style it.

Go 247 Hair Gel

Imperial Hair Gel


Want everyone to think you fell out of bed looking this awesome? A matte product such as a clay, mud or paste is the way to go. These products still provide a good hold, but are more pliable so your hair can move a bit while still maintaining its shape. Clay will give your hair a matte finish and a textured look that is perfect for messy, tousled hairstyles.

Clay is great for thin to medium thickness hair at all lengths, and can even keep wavy hair in check (although curly hair is probably too unruly to be tamed by it). It’s also great for adding volume to thin and fine hair.

To use clay, just rub a small amount on your palm so it ‘relaxes’ and starts to spread. Then apply to close to dry hair.  

Baxter Clay Pomade

Modern Pirate Clay Paste


Waxes are similar to pomades but don’t usually provide that wet look. Generally, they have a stronger hold instead, and can be used on wet or dry hair (but it’s easier to use in wet hair). Wax is more suited to thicker hair up to medium length, and won’t make your hair look as oily as a pomade can. But it can add great shine and control to shorter hairstyles, although it can leave a sticky residue.

To use wax on your hair, just warm up a small amount in the palm of your hand, then rub on your palms and use your hands and fingers to style your look.

Go 247 Cream Wax

Go 247 Hard Wax

I hope this little guide has helped shine a light on your styling options. If you’re still unsure about which way to go, come visit us at The Emporium Barber for a one-on-one style consultation.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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