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To Grow Or To Cut?

We’re good looking guys, we know. We train hard and eat right. We dress well and are well groomed; taking pride in our overall appearance. Over the last few years there has been an ever increasing and sustained trend toward undercuts, blends, fades and all the old school barber crafts. However, one particular style that is beginning to creep back on trend is - long hair.

With the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Orlando Bloom and Russell Brand all rocking long (but very well groomed) hair, it is only natural for young men to aspire to grow it. Provoking the complex - Should you cut your hair and keep an on trend look? Or should you change it up and go for a more rugged, beautiful mane? (if you can pull it off)

We’re here to help you decide.

Growing hair isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are some cardinal rules when it comes to growing one's hair out - and the number 1 most important is:


1) Commitment & Patience.






We’re not going to lie - it’s going to take a while to grow your hair. The amount your hair will grow varies.  On average male hair grows half an inch per month. And if you’ve been having a typical undercut for the past year you’re going to have to persevere through the first couple of months as you may look rather untidy.

Actually, let's face it you’ll probably look fucking ridiculous and people will start to question your grooming schedule. Hats, beanies and sheer determination will help you through this. After 6-9 months of growth you’ll hopefully be able to brush it behind your ears (depending on the individual).


2) Grooming.

Hang on you say- why the fuck would I need to groom my hair?  I don’t need to cut it I’m growing it out?!

Well you see- grooming doesn’t simply involve cutting one's hair. If you are dedicated to growing your hair out you will have to start laying the foundations for strong, healthy hair in order for it to grow.

To do so you’ll need to start shampooing less- a maximum of twice a week; as it dries the scalp and roots.  Focus more on conditioning to keep it hydrated.

Another thing you’ll need to do is STOP blow drying your hair. Yes there are going to be times when it’s an emergency and it will have to be done, but the less you do the better. Blow drying will dry your hair out and make it brittle. You want nice thick locks so that when a certain someone runs her hands through it and grabs a hold - they won’t take a bunch of hair with them.

We recommend GO247 Conditioner to keep everything in check.


 3) Cutting and Shaping

This is the last thing you may think needs to be done but it’s one of the most crucial. You need to keep on top of split ends and keep the shape of your hair line in check. If you neglect to do this you may look more worse for wear than is necessary especially during the early months - so don’t forget about your mate Trent down at Emporium. Keep it in check and as tidy as possible. We recommend seeing your barber every 4-6 weeks to keep it all clean around the edges.



 4) Be confident.

This may be the last point but it is by far not the least. Confidence has a way of accentuating your inner demeanour. Even though you currently look like a bit of a scrub- people will still respect you. You will be able to say you’re growing your hair out calmly and any questions of whether you actually care will be abolished.

Good luck with your decision gents- and remember that if you commit, to visit your barber every 4-8 weeks at a maximum- he’s a gentlemen and also your friend so don’t neglect him.


About The Writer

Glenn Livingstone think’s he knows a thing or two about men’s styling and fashion- He also runs a design label based in Melbourne and we think it’s pretty kool. Check him out at


Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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