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All Day Hold With The Go 247 Control Spray

I spend a good portion of my day running around between university, meeting clients, and getting all my errands and tasks done for the day. With all this running around, I need a product that will hold my hair firmly in place for the duration of the day. 

A few months ago, I was introduced to Go 247 control spray which immediately changed my hair styling  game. 

Go 247 Control Spray

- Long Hold, Easy to Use, Gives off a nice scent

- Compatible with other Go 247 hair products

I prefer to walk everywhere I go during the day to keep up my cardio fitness during my busiest days. This often cause my hair looking a bit windblown and disheveled by the time I got home at the end of the day. 

If I wanted to do anything, or any other appointments after office hours, I would first need to stop at home to touch up my hair. 

The Go 247 control spray is the most effective way I've found so far for preventing this. It has such a long hold that even kept my hair in place after a full nights sleep!

Compatible with other Go 247 Hair Care and Styling Products

There is nothing like a dedicated hair spray for keeping your hairstyle firmly in place. 

Pomades, gels, and waxes are great and remain a key element of the styling process, but often fall short in the amount of stress they can withstand while keeping the hair firmly in place. 

Waxes offer enough of a hold for short hair styles, but can sometimes struggle to hold the hair in place after a busy day running around the city especially on those windy, rainy days.

A spray like the Go 247 Control Spray is the best option for medium, or longer hair, and even offer superior hold for very short hair on especially hectic days. This product is designed to work with the other waxes and pomades the brand supplies. 

Go 247

Designs hair care and hair styling products optimized for the modern man

Using Them Together

The idea is that I use most of this brands hair styling products on daily basis, especially long or demanding days,  gave me the final push to try the Go 247 control spray to lock it in. 

The multi-tasking ability of this hair spray is phenomenal. It adds a light shine to the hair and acts as a sort of sealant from the elements around me. This means that the wax or pomade I used to control the hair is shielded from the wind and rain outside, allowing it to stay firm for longer. 

Easy to Use

The other thing I love about the Go 247 control spray is the ease of application. 

It takes no more than 5 seconds to apply and dries out within about 30 seconds. A great option whenever I'm in a rush. Just spray this product onto my damp hair after a shower and style it into place without the need for any waxes or pomade application at all (though using these first will offer better precision with styling). This gives a strong hold and allows me to leave the house in mere minutes when I'm running late. 


This product has a subtle, yet masculine fragrance and doesn't overpower your cologne or other scented products. 

Also, all products from Go 247 maintains a fresh, clean scent in the hair throughout the day, only strong enough for those who get close enough to get a whiff. 

All in all the Go 247 Control Spray offers the ultimate hold and is a perfect solution for the busy man tired of fixing up his hair throughout the day. It sure works for me!

Go 247 Pomade

Mint Thickening Shampoo

Control Spray

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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