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Men's Best Practice's for Skin Care When Shaving Daily

Many people are under the misconception that taking care of the skin is something only women do. Well gents, this is a myth we need to throw out the window because it’s unfounded and frankly unhelpful. 

All skin is vulnerable to the same types of damage and results in the same, wrinkled, spotty, and inflamed appearance whether you're Brad Pitt or Christina Aguilera. Taking care of the skin helps to prolong the ageing process, and keeps your face looking brighter, tighter, and younger for many years to come. 

 As men, we have the added benefit of the daily shave, which can help keep our skin healthier for longer if done right. In this article, we will go through the best practices for skin care when shaving daily, and how you can keep your skin looking its best.

Understand Your Skin Type

Before anything can be done to tone and optimize the skin on your face, you need first to consider the type of skin you have (yes there are different kinds). This can affect what the best type of soap or cream to use is for your skin, and what the pre and post treatments should look like once you're finished with the shave.

There are 3 main skin types to consider:

1. Dry Skin

Dry skin is characterized by tight and dull looking skin. Individuals with this skin type are more prone to redness and irritation, and the skin will tend to develop age lines faster. People with this skin type need to focus more on using products that ADD hydration back to the skin, such as the Imperial after-shave balm & face moisturiser

 “There are lots of dubious claims and mysterious ingredients, but yes, by trapping water, moisturising can help with dry skin.” - Published in a Harvard health letter., 2008 

 The bottom line is that for those with dry skin, the trick is to trap the water beneath the epidermis (outer layer of skin). All else is secondary.

2. Oily skin

The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology characterize oily skin as having “open pores and a shiny appearance”. 

 This skin type may actually worsen with overly hydrating skin care products. Men with this skin type should look for products that promote fast absorption, include only light oils, and may even benefit from an “oil-free” moisturiser such as the Baxter Oil Free Moisturiser. Products that tend to have a drying effect like simple soaps often have the best benefit on people with this skin type. 

 With this skin type, it is also important to consider the use of a facial cleanser on a daily basis as well. Research has recently confirmed the benefits of using such a product in eliminating adult acne in people with naturally oily skin. We recommend Triumph & Disaster Rock n Roll Suicide Face Scrub for its preference for natural ingredients and bonus inclusion of antiseptic essential oils.

3. Combination Skin

Combination skin is the last and most challenging skin type to consider, yet it is, in fact, the most common. This is because with combination skin, there are both dry spots such as the cheeks and neck, and overly oily spots mostly surrounding the “T-zone” which involves the nose and forehead. With combination skin it’s important to use products that are evenly balanced, not being too oily, while also offering a good level of hydration to the skin. 

 For this skin type, we recommend Baxter Daily Face Wash.

Skin Care Best Practices Depending On Skin Type

1. shaving with dry skin

Men who suffer from dry skin are the most prone to razor burn and irritation. When the skin is dry, it becomes hard and loses flexibility. As the razor moves over the face, the inability to flex causes uneven cuts and causes the blade to directly drag across parts of the skin causing damage and inflammation.

Use Pre-Shave Oil. Preventing this from happening should be the focus in the skin care routine of a man with this skin type. Pre-shave treatment is a perfect way to achieve this. It provides another layer of protection to the man's skin before he shaves, and adds flexibility back into the cells sitting on the surface. This allows the blade to glide more evenly over the surface. 

Choose the Right Shaving Soap Or Cream. Additionally, special care and attention should be placed on the choice of shaving soap or cream, as well. Soaps can be drying in and of themselves, making it necessary to choose a soap that places a focus on hydration such as Imperial Gylcerin Shave Soap

An even better option is to try a shaving cream instead. Creams are made from a different chemical structure, and actually, work to add hydration to the skin instead. Try our Go247 Shave Cream for the maximum amount hydrating shaving support we currently have on offer. 

Always Moisturise. Finishing up with a moisturiser is key for those with dry skin. 

Authorities on skin care like Dr Sharma from the Sharma Hair and Skin Clinic all the way up in Canada, one of the driest places on earth during the winter months, says that; “For those with dry skin, finding something that places an emphasis not only on hydration but also protection is going to give you the best results... Add moisture, and lock it in”. 

He points out that the nitric oxide we rely on in our skin to orchestrate touch sensations relies on a certain amount of innate moisture to work properly. Without this moisture, our ability to sense the world around us becomes increasingly challenging and underwhelming.

2. Shaving With Oily Skin

Oily skin types pose an entirely different challenge during the shaving process. For people with this kind of skin, adding too much oil and hydrating components will only make the problem worse overall. Pre-shave oils are not usually necessary or recommended for this type of skin, and shaving soaps are likely the best option.

Use A Shaving Soap. Soap works by emulsifying the oils that naturally occur on the face. This means that the molecules that make up the soap bind to the oils on the face. After the shave is complete and the soap is rinsed off, all these oils are cleaned away with it, leaving the face oil free. 

Light Oils Only. When finishing the shave, try using a product that is on the lighter side, and is absorbed easily into the skin. This provides enough protection to prevent inflammation or damage but is absorbed long before the natural oils begin to build up again on the face throughout the day. 

This helps ensure your skin is pliable and healthy, without being overly oily and prone to breakouts. 

Aftershave Is King. Aftershaves are particularly useful with this skin type, especially those with alcohol as a component. Alcohol has gotten a rather bad reputation in the cosmetic industry lately for its drying effects on the skin. 

Although it is never a good idea to put concentrated alcohol directly on your face, it can make for a highly beneficial action in a properly formulated aftershave. 

These products tend only to use a small amount of alcohol, which works to close the pores, and holds off oil production for a few hours. In people with oily skin types, this is perfect for the skin to balance it out throughout the day.

3. Shaving With Combination Skin

Combination skin was once thought to be the hardest to maintain. This is because a product that works well on the dry cheeks, under the eyes, and around the neck don’t do much for the overly oily areas on the nose and forehead. 

Fortunately, the situation has changed. There are now numerous products available that use a careful balance between adding hydration and stripping natural oils away from the skin. 

During a shave, it’s important to hydrate the hairs on the face to allow the razor to glide gracefully over the skin. People with combination type skin can easily use either a shaving soap or a shaving cream

The only thing you need to consider if you have a combination skin type is that you should avoid the products that are specifically aimed at either oily or dry skin types. You want to opt for the products sitting right in the middle and are suitable for any skin type. 

Lucky for you, we live in the 21st century, and the products available are much less black and white. The Emporium Barber offers numerous skincare products designed for men that fit this description, meaning the struggle is officially over for combination skin types. 

 The first step to having great skin is to identify your skin type. From here, choosing the right skin care practices and regimen becomes easy. Try to incorporate your skin care routine alongside your shave. This makes the practice regular, and can actually improve the outcome of both, keeping your face bright and vibrant all day every day.

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