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5 reasons why you will never see Mark Bouris use an Electric Razor

If Mark Bouris saw you with an electric shaver in your hand there are only two words he would say: “You're fired!” This is a man that tackles complex issues head on, who is a proven success at everything he does, who loves beautiful cars and has a great passion for fine art.

Do you think Bouris doesn't care about his appearance and would rather have a two-minute shave with an electric shaver than a smart looking close shave ready for when he walks into the boardroom to do business?

If he was running short of time he’d most probably grab a BlueBeards Revenge Privateer Mach 3 Razor to quickly sort himself out.

So if you want to be more like Mark Bouris, we suggest you ditch the electric shaver and here are 5 reasons why.

5 reasons mark bouris avoids the electric razor 


Electric Razor History

It's all a far cry from the 1930s when Canadian Jacob Schick invented the world's first electric razor for $30 a pop (which is equivalent to around $570 today – which is cheap as you'll find out later). Schick believed that if a man shaved properly every day, he'd live to 120, though we are not too sure how the blades on his device would be by the time you popped your clogs.

old razor ad

It wasn't until the 1990s that all the top electric razors realised that flexible heads were required to allow an electric shaver to try to get closer to your face. Notice we say 'try' as there is still no substitution for a proper wet shave with a safety razor.

They added a new dimension that allowed you to have a wet shave in the shower, then upped the ante – and the price – with self-cleaning shavers for those of us that are lazy.

In this day and age appearance is everything. No one is going to hire a bloke that looks like a tramp, despite what winning credentials he may have, so that is why it is so important that you look good. Not only that, but it increases your confidence levels.


mark bouris shave

In a 2016 paper that examined women's evaluations of men's attractiveness one of the conclusions the authors discovered was:


“ Clean-shaven, light-stubble, and dark-stubble men are often rated as most attractive” - Garza, Heredia, Cieslicka


So, if you have a shave, you need to make sure it can provide a clean shave feel as possible if you want the opposite sex to notice you, or let that George Michael designer-stubble look gently darken your face. Then shave it all off again as we all know the best designer stubble comes from wet shaving.

You can learn the tricks of the perfect shave here.

 george michael shave stubble


So what about those electric razors? Here are 5 reasons to forget about them.

1. Shaving Ritual

There is absolutely no reason why your partner can spend 45 minutes in the bathroom of a morning, and you get a quick 10 minutes if you are lucky. You need to create your wet shaving ritual so you can appreciate your face and skin and feel more confident about yourself. 

You might be well-cut and chiselled body wise but do you want to be well-cut face wise too with skin irritation, cuts and bleeding from cheap disposable razors or an electric shaver?

Grab a cut throat razor, like this one by Bluebeards Revenge or maybe you want to use a safety razor like the classy Mühle safety razor. All you need now are some razor blades – here at The Emporium Barber our experts use Astra Superior Platinum razor blades --  and then look at our choice of badger brushes as you grab shave cream.


There are plenty of luxury shaving products available on our website for you to research.

So, grab the digital radio, lock the bathroom door, take your shaving tool and get down to some serious 'you' time. You can learn how to have a proper shave with our in-depth 5 simple lessons for beginners.

As for the excuse about how you "don't have time", well... find it! You find it to go to the gym every Wednesday morning, or to head out on your road bike with your mates early on a Sunday.

Once you get good at your shaving ritual, you will find you can make it last as long as you wish, or nail a proper close shave in 10 minutes.

There are no longer any 'time' excuses.


2. Skin Irritation

 “Men typically articulate their ideal shave as one which maximizes the closeness of the shave, but does not compromise on comfort or skin irritation”


There it is in a nutshell, as discussed in a paper in the British Journal of Dermatology in 2012. We all want a luxurious wet shave, but we don't want the irritation that can come with it if we get it wrong as when we do it can cause skin irritation and shaving rash.

We mentioned earlier about electric razors that can now be used in the shower, but as J.M Armbruster pointed out in a patent application, when you shave in the shower, your whiskers become wet and limp and lay against your face so your electric shaver cannot cut them accurately:


“experience has shown that wet shaving with an electric razor causes as much or more razor rash as dry shaving.”


Not to forget that you can get away with a close shave lasting a day or two, whereas an electric shaver just doesn't cut it and you'll need to shave every day to get rid of that 5 o'clock shadow build up. Imagine what that does to your skin.

3. Cost

When buying a new electric razor check out the price these days.

Have a look at the Braun Series 9 wet/dry electric shaver which is mere pocket money at $699

We already told you about the savings you can make with a wet shave razor in a past article and knowing how smart you are, you'll be able to work out how many razor blades equates to one Braun electric shaver.

 costs of razor comparison


Maybe Schick meant you could buy razor blades for 120 years to pay for one modern day electric shaver?


4. Cleaning, Maintenance, and Charging

You're going to look pretty good when you head off to your client meeting to sign off on the big deal when your face is half shaven, aren't you? 

A successful man is process driven and organised, only an idiot would leave everything to the last minute. Yep, electric shavers might be portable so you can shave while stuck at the traffic lights but what do you do when the battery runs out? 

And why are you shaving in the car in the first place? Organise your time mate, it’s not that hard.

Don’t forget, you don't use safety razors because you purchased a $700 electric razor that cleans itself and your face while in the shower.


Who's looking the fool now, hey?


Then what about maintenance and cleaning? So what if the box says it cleans itself. How do you think that works then? Got its own dustpan and brush has it?

You're going to have to shell out $21 for two clean and renew cartridge refills that last a month each, then every 18 months Braun recommend you change the shaver's cutter and foil at $75 a go. Hang on, didn't I pay $700 for an electric shaver?

Finally, you want to make sure the foils and cutters last the 18 months Braun said they would, so you'd better buy some Shaver Guard at $16. 

Ever feel like you've been robbed?



5. Break It Or Lose It

You’re a smart guy, perhaps even an investor who doesn’t get the wool pulled over his eyes.

So why are you investing in something so expensive that can break or be easily lost. 

Explain that one to your partner. You've spent all that time justifying your brand spanking new self-cleaning electric shaver, and you drop it in the shower because it's slippery.


So what are the replacement costs?

If you are lucky, you'll only have to replace those foils at, ahem, $75 or you may have smashed the whole thing up, in which case it's $700 literally down the shower drain.

And what about when you are off to the Whitsundays?

Yep, you've got to pack it all up, cord included as the battery most probably won't last, then lug it around in your hand luggage.

Flying over to Europe? There's some extra weight you could do without, plus you'll need a damn travel plug. Then you lose it. Oops.

Oh, why didn't I just stick to a wet shave razor which is perfect for travelling and cheaper to replace?

travelling with an electric razor


Don't get caught out by smart marketing, or gimmicks. You too can have a wet shave in the shower, and it won't cost you $700.

But more importantly, it's all about your skin and trying to keep it free of irritation and rashes and dot cuts from foils that are broken.

Read this paragraph below from a patent for The Gillette Company, about one of their shaving foams:


“Experience and testing have shown that softening of the hair fiber prior to shaving is of paramount importance to achieving a comfortable shave. Normal applications of water and shaving preparations take three or more minutes to fully hydrate and soften the hair, thereby providing the least resistance to cutting and giving the most comfortable shave. However, the majority of shavers do not choose to wait that length of time and, on average, prepare their hair for one minute or less prior to shaving, leaving considerable room for improvements in comfort.”


You need to make the time if you want your clean shaven face to look good and no matter what time-shortening implements the big companies throw at you, be it a self-cleaning electric razor or the latest gel/foam to have a quicker shave forget them. 

Just stick to the traditional wet shave method and you’ll be fine, looking good and most certainly will not be fired.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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