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Go 247, Premium products for the modern man

Are you looking for new top-of-the-line hair styling, hair care and skincare products to add to your grooming regimen? It doesn’t get much better than Go 247, endorsed by superstars and style icons like David Beckham.

Go 247 is an award winning, salon-grade men's grooming product manufacturer. They make everything from pomades and shampoos, to shaving creams, moisturizing creams and soaps.

Their lineup is designed as luxury grooming products for the modern man. This means that all Go 247 products use only the highest-grade ingredients available and were created by experts in the field. 

Go 247's main market is in the fashion industry, consisting of professional designers and stylists all over the world. In order to maintain the standards these professionals demand, Go 247 has developed a rigorous quality control system. This ensures every product exceeds the expectations of the customer. 

We're pleased to offer Go 247 products at The Emporium Barber as part of our premium lineup of men's grooming products. We stock many of their best selling products including shampoos, conditioners, shave creams, pomades, waxes, and body washes.

Helping every man create his own iconic style

by Go 247, Instagram

Who's Behind GO 247?

The founders of Go 247 were also the minds behind UNITE® hair, who supply a wide range of salon-grade hair tools and products. They ventured into the men's grooming business through Go 247 which has been a huge success. They developed a signature masculine scent for both their hair product lineup and skincare lineup and stuck with them for all products in that category. This has helped them to remain consistent and allows all their products to be used in conjunction without a clash in scent. 

The company itself resides in California, USA. Their products are used far and wide and have won a series of awards for their performance. Style icons like David Beckham have even been noted to endorse Go 247.

They've won awards like Launchpad Magazine’s “Best styling aid” in 2015, and Details Magazine’s “Best of Grooming” award in 2012.

GO 247 Offers a Wide Range of Products to Suit Your Needs


Go 247 Styling Cream

The Go 247 Styling Cream works great for those with unruly hair looking for something to keep the mane in line while maintaining a natural look. It’s easy to apply after melting in the palm of your hands and doesn’t flake when it dries. Perhaps the best thing about this product is that it leaves the hair looking as natural as possible, meaning it doesn’t cause your hair to look overly glossy or dry, rather right in the middle.


Go 247 Cream Wax

The Go 247 cream wax is a great option for those looking for a minimalist styling, with long term hold. It adds protection, and hydration to the hair while offering a firm hold on the hair. The complex formula of this wax gives it more of a creamy texture, allowing it to spread more easily through the hair than most waxes. Once dry the wax remains firm to lock the hair in place for the duration of the day.


Go 247 Hair Conditioner

Go 247 Shampoo for Men

Go 247 Mint Thickening Shampoo

The Go 247 Shampoo is truly a high-quality shampoo. It doesn’t take much to get a thick lather, and its vitamin enriched, and masculine smelling fragrance leave your hair looking and feeling as fresh as possible. 

The fragrance of this shampoo complements their other hair care products; Mint Hair Thickening Shampoo for Men, Go 247 Hair Conditioner etc,  perfectly, making it an essential addition to your Go 247 grooming lineup.

Aside from the shampoo line, this brand also offers skincare products for men such as the Go 247 Body Wash and the Face and Bald Moisturizer among other shaving essentials all designed and formulated to match men's skin.


The shaving cream offered by Go 247 gives a silky, highly nourishing and hydrating lather. This makes it perfect for those with dry skin and hair. This is becoming one of their best selling items for its incredibly luxurious texture on the skin. 

The intense hydrating effects of the lather soften the hairs before your shave, allowing them to cut like butter under the razor's sharp edge. This means less razor burn and irritation, and a closer shave. It is a preferred shaving cream among many of our patrons who prefer using a straight razor for their daily shave.

Go 247 Shaving Cream

Go 247 Face Scrub

Go 247 Face Moisturizer

Pick up your Go 247 products through The Emporium barber today and find out why so many people are raving about this premium brand of men's grooming supplies. 

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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