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How To Grow A Mo; A Barber's Tips To Success


If you’re planning on becoming one of almost a million Mo Bros supporting Movember and embarking on the month long grow-a-moustache-for-charity-challenge; we have compiled our top five handy hints and tips to ensure your Mo hits the right spot in the sartorial stakes.

1. The clean shave

Movember’s official rules state that you must start the month completely clean shaven – then grow out and groom a moustache until December. To ensure that you properly prepare your face and skin in advance, we offer the perfect pre-Movember prep with our Premium Shave. Kicking off with the classic cut-throat shave, you’ll then receive two-rounds of our face mask and hot towel treatment. Your skin will thank you for starting the month this way!

2. Pick a Mo!

You’ve said goodbye to your razors and clippers for the month, so you may as well have some fun growing it into a style you want. Below are four moustache styles to keep you inspired for the month.

The Tom Selleck

Channel your inner 80’s heart throb by paying respect to the man who made the Mo sexy. Whether you’re inspired by the Magnum P.I.-era Mo or the Mo that made a guest appearance in Friends, you’ll be asking the ladies to form one orderly line.

The Ron Burgundy

You don’t need to play the jazz flute to grow this famed Mo (although being a ginger might come in handy). A “powerful aphrodisiac”, his facial hair is supposedly sort after to be used in love potions and fertility centres around the world. Need we say more?

The Merv Hughes

Stumped for which mo to grow for 2016? Why not pay homage to a true Aussie legend this Movember by growing The Merv Hughes. Dust off the old cricket bat while you’re at it and gather your mates for a game to fully immerse yourself in the mo.

The Salvador Dali

Want to push the creative boundaries a little this Movember? Try a Dali on for size. He’s the man who made clocks melt, and if you follow his mo-style you might just make the ladies follow suit.

3. Tame the mane!

Trent Pridmore, The Emporium Barber founder, offers some sound advice for all you Mo Bros out there: “Make sure you keep your new facial fuzz under control. Just because you’re taking part in Movember doesn’t give you an excuse to allow your facial hair to run wild”.

Use a decent beard wash to keep the mane in line; The Bearded Chap Beard Wash (RRP $55) will keep even the filthiest of beards as clean as a whistle, packed with lemongrass, sandalwood and Himalayan cedar wood – you’ll smell great too. Trent continues, “throughout November we’re providing free beard trims with every haircut for everyone taking part in Movember, so there’s no excuse to look a state”.



4. Don't let your Mo be as dry as the Sahara Desert

The skin under your facial hair has a tendency to become dry. Trent recommends using a good quality beard oil such as The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil (RRP $40) as this will not only keep the skin hydrated, but will also soften and moisturise the hair to help stop that “itch”.



5. The Shave Off!

You’ve spent the month amusing, annoying, and maybe even boring friends with your Mo efforts, so why not take them with you for your final shave off, reminding them what your face used to look like before you went all Mo’tastic on them. You’ll need to keep that fresh face moisturised. Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer (RRP $24.00) works to quickly restore the skin’s moisture barrier and soothe the skin whilst also minimizing shine. Don’t forget to take a photo of your Mo, tagging @emporiumbarber as we’ll be sharing some of the best!

No matter how you choose to grow your Mo, a visit to The Emporium Barber will ensure you’re keeping your style on point all month.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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