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5 Unique Reasons Why You Should Bin Canned Shaving Cream -- If You Don't Want To Look Like Freddy Kruger

The can screams “for sensitive skin” so you squirt it into your hand and rub this foaming mass onto your face, in what takes seconds. Then you apply a cheap cartridge razor to your skin with multiple blades while using only a few strokes to clear the foam from your face.

Not only is your shaving regime off the Richter Scale. Did you know that, that can of "shaving cream cream for sensitive skin" contains surfactant chemicals that will eventually make your skin unable to hydrate itself?  

Then you've got Propylene Glycol that is commonly used for brake fluid's and antifreeze, and has been linked to kidney problems, asthma and eczema. Top that with the mineral oils that clog up your pores, and you'll soon end up looking like Freddy Kruger.


5 unique reasons to bin canned shaving cream

If you are going to look the biz, then you've got to ensure that you have got your personal grooming down pat and you know and understand what you are putting on your face.

You don't want to go to all that trouble of ensuring you enjoy your shaving ritual with all your shaving essentials only to look like the tip of a redhead match.

You wouldn't spend hours polishing your Land Rover Discovery Sport Td4 150 then pour lead-free petrol in it when it has a 2.2L diesel engine, would you?

Likewise, if you have oily skin don't be smearing oil-based soaps all over your mush, you need products with natural ingredients that are oil-free.

So, you need to determine which product is right for your face.

We spoke about different skin types in our skin care article which you can read here to work out what your skin type is.

This is an extremely important read so you can ensure you are blemish-free post-shave.

shaving cream harmful ingredients


So What Are Shaving Creams, Soaps, Foams And Gels?

We love a good shaving soap as there is nothing like lathering up with a shaving brush before your shave; there is something hypnotic about this part of the shaving ritual.

Plus we enjoy pampering ourselves. Why wouldn't we? 

As you spread the shaving soap on your face, you will find the shaving brush gently lifts the hair follicles erect and softens up the facial hair so when you shave with your safety razor or cut throat razor you get a closer shave.

A shaving cream, on the other hand, is a non-lathering lubricant that works in much the same way as shaving soap, only without the elbow grease.

A superb shaving cream will contain natural ingredients, such as shea butter and natural essential oils.

Read our article here to understand the difference between soap and cream, either of them though are highly recommended and certainly should take priority over crap shaving foam out of a can.



They also protect and help lubricate the face to allow the razor to gently glide over the skin, leaving it moisturised and baby smooth.

A  recent dermatology paper, “Insights into shaving and its impact on skin” concludes that:


“shaving represents a highly complex series of mechanical and chemical interactions occurring at the surface of the stratum corneum. In attempting to meet consumer demands for both great closeness and optimal comfort, successful management of the skin is paramount.”


Throw Away Gels And Foams In Aerosols

These days shaving gels and cream foams are the most popular, purely for the fact that they are so easy to use in an age when no one appears to have time anymore to look after themselves properly.

Firstly we know that's BS and secondly re-read the above quote again. Note it says, “successful management of the skin is paramount.” 

With that in mind, we do not recommend aerosol creams and gels as they often contain synthetic ingredients that cause irritation on your skin and don't make for a pleasant shave, or 'successful management.'

whats really inside your shaving cream?

Many contain numbing agents, meaning you're not aware of nicks and scratches as you shave, leaving your face tattered post-shave and dotted with bits of tissue like a modern day Norman Gunston (ask your dad).

Then, of course, you have the gases that are put into the aerosol cans that are, quite frankly, no good for anyone.

The popularity of foams significantly affected the market for creams, but that doesn't mean you have to be a sheep and follow everyone else. You're a trailblazer, remember?

Get yourself a decent shaving brush, bowl and soap for the most efficient wet shave. As for worrying about the time, think about it. In all honesty, all you are saving is about two minutes.

Two minutes for the sake of looking better and feeling more confident.

There is no worrying if that spot of blood is going to get on your pristine Hugo Boss dress shirt.


What Will Poor Products Do To My Face?

Be honest. Does a bad shave make you feel good?

Blood leaking through your skin, razor burn and rashes on your face, irritation causing you to constantly scratch.  

Worse still, ladies looking at you oddly and blokes knowing you don't know how to shave. It should make you feel emasculated.

All of this can be resolved by using the correct products and nailing your shaving ritual that will assist in evading razor bumps created by ingrowing hairs. These itchy little buggers will ruin a shave and destroy your face.

The beard follicles don’t help either, as this paper explains:


 “It is hypothesized that discomfort associated with shaving is a result of localized skin displacement and/or the rotation and extension of the beard fibre in its follicle”


Facial hair can move both rotationally, and in axial directions, hence a shave with a crap blade and foam from a can isn't going to help you cut those hair follicles away.

shaving against the grain

Do you know what it will do? Yep, give your face a burning sensation and visible irritation. You can get a more in-depth understanding of why cartridge razors are bad for you here. 

So how to stop this from happening? As we have said all along: get a good quality safety razor, a fine badger hair brush and some shaving soap or cream. 

If you want the ultimate shaving experience, then we suggest you use a pre-shave oil. They work to protect the skin, soften the hairs and reduce the chances of irritation. Combine it with a shaving cream for the closest of shaves.


Remember This:

“In order to achieve a close and comfortable shave with minimal irritation it is essential to use a good quality blade and adopt a shave care regimen designed to remove as much hair as possible while inflicting minimal damage.” Blade Shaving – Cowley, K; Vanoosthuyze, K; McFeat, G & Ertel K


It's all too easy to take shortcuts to get stuff done quicker, and society is to blame as it dictates that everything is required this instance.

Instant food, instant coffee, instant news, instant wins, instant results at work.

You need to slow down, take some time to enjoy yourself, the people around you and the finer things in life. 

And you need to slow down and enjoy your shaving ritual so that you avoid skin irritation and those cuts and nicks.

We guarantee you will feel a much better person without the Freddy Krueger looks.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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