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How To Keep Your Hair Looking Great In Between Haircuts

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a fresh new haircut. You strut out of the salon with a spring in your step and a gleam in your eye. You’re trimmed, styled and ready to rock.

Cue, 2 weeks later and things are starting to go a bit south. Your hair is starting to do its own thing again, with stubborn little tufts refusing to be styled, and strange regrowth patterns appearing where you once had nice clean lines.

It can be a bit like watching nature slowly reclaim once-paved roads in one of those disaster documentaries.

An obvious solution here is to book yourself in for a quick spruce up. But if for some reason you can’t get to the barbershop for a while, here’s how to make your haircut last between visits.

Get an easy to maintain haircut in the first place.

This may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many guys have unrealistic maintenance goals. If you’re going to be away, or are just plain lazy when it comes to doing your hair every day, you need to accept this and plan for it.

Ask your barber to help you come up with a look that suits your personal style while also being easy on the upkeep. Book a barber appointment now.

Use the right products for your hair type.

Everyone’s hair is a bit different, so there’s no miracle product that will work for everyone. However, like anything in life, you get out what you put in. So put in quality products designed for your hair type. They don’t have to be super expensive, just make sure the products you use came from trusted hair care and hair styling brands formulated and designed to match men's hair and scalp.

If you’re not sure which ones to use, your barber will be able to recommend the best products to use to keep your haircut under control between visits.

Don’t skip the conditioner.

Using heat when styling your hair, the hair styling products used and just daily life in general all have an impact on your hair’s health. It may be tempting to skip conditioning your hair, especially if it’s short, but your hair will wear out much faster if you skip this step.

As always, use quality products designed for your hair type. If you have thick hair, look for products with moisture since it’s often harder for thick or curly hair strands to stay hydrated. For fine hair, look for products with hair thickening agents so you can get volume and lift for your style.

GO 247 

Mint Thickening Shampoo for Men

Baxter of California

Daily Protein Shampoo for Men

Pure Elements

 Marigold Harmonising Shampoo

A note on giving elf ‘a quick trim’. 

Some guys think they can give their hair a little chop here and there to maintain their style. Especially if they lay their hands on some electric clippers. If you want to do this, go right ahead, but ask yourself this first:

‘Am I willing to try a buzz cut?

If your answer is yes, play around if you must. But we see the end results of self-snipping, and it usually ends up as a very short new 'do we try to repair your chopped up look. Just saying.

Are you guilty of putting off barbershop visits?  You should come in for a trim every 6 weeks to maintain optimal health for your hair (and also to maintain your look). Book your next appointment here.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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