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Learn the Best Way to Shave if You Shave Everyday

For countless generations, the daily shave was one of the most important parts of the day. It forced men to take time in the morning for himself, to have a look in the mirror and pay attention to his appearance. It was a way for a man to start the day off on the top, feeling fresh, confident, and ready to smash the hurdles that lie ahead. 

The majority of men shave every day, whether cleaning up and sculpting facial hair lines or removing it all, but shaving these days has somehow lost this effect. With electric trimmers and cheap disposable razors, the morning shave has become thoughtless and unimportant. Nevertheless, no matter what you're trying to achieve with your morning shave, the best way to do it is to do it thoughtfully. 

Here's why, and how you can use shaving to invite success into your life.


When we spend more time on anything, the outcome is always better. 

Think about the last time you went to a nice restaurant. Places like this put an incredible amount of effort into making their meals. This could mean carefully formulated and thoroughly tested dips and sauces, precision fish and beef cuts, individual vegetable inspection and selection, and slow-cooked fall off the bone meals requiring close attention for multiple consecutive hours. 

The meal you’re served with is the result of the combined effort put in by the kitchen staff, which differs greatly from instant meals or fast food. Instant meals and fast food require only the push of a button. The lack of effort hurts the flavour of the meal. You can taste the difference in effort.

This same principle can be applied to anything; car repairs, beer brewing, exercise, and yes… even daily grooming

As humans, we instinctively know how to tell the difference between effort and laziness. Electric razors skipped showers, and wrinkled shirts are all noticed immediately and take away from your overall look and first impression. 

A first impression can often mean the difference between a successful interaction or not. Many companies put copious amounts of effort and energy into creating the best first impression possible when aiming for a business deal or acquiring new customers. 

When you take time in the morning to shave thoughtfully, hydrate and protect the skin, trim those nose hairs, pluck the eyebrows, style the hair, and look yourself directly in the face while you do it, the world takes notice. The level of confidence this practice brings with it, and display of effort and attention can change how you’re seen as a person and contribute to the success you find in many different situations.


Shaving thoughtfully simply means to take the time and effort while shaving to do it right. 

Use a proper shaving soap or cream that you love and performs well, use tools that you love, feel good, and perform optimally. Don't settle for those cheap disposable razors or the lazy and abrasive electric razor. 

Find a razor that you enjoy using, and take the time in the morning to actually enjoy it.

Modern Pirate

Men's Activated Charcoal Soap 


Bluebeards Revenge Safety Razor


Men's Pre/After Shave Cream Jar

The daily wet shave was a ritual that men practiced day after day

In many ways, this practice can be considered a form of mindfulness. Having some form of mindfulness practice is by far the most commonly overlapping practice successful people do on a daily basis. This was pointed out several times by best-selling author Tim Ferriss in his most recent book “Tools for Titans”, where he interviews the world's most successful athletes, entrepreneurs, investors, and professors the world has ever seen. 

From his 250 plus interviews, he has found that roughly 80% of the successful people he interviewed do some form of mindfulness practice on a daily basis. Taking this into consideration, and realizing that shaving for most of us is already a daily activity, makes the integration of the two an attractive and intelligent option.


The process is simple, pick yourself up one of the following:


This is the main tool when it comes to shaving and get the most attention while you shave. 

The idea is to make shaving a regular, daily practice with the emphasis on yourself. A way to start the day off on the right foot consistently. 

Choose a razor that you love and would want to use every day. 

There's an incredibly large number of unique and beautifully made razors out there, made from all sort of materials and textures. This makes it easy to find one that suits your style and preferences. 

The main two types of razors are the straight razor and the safety razor. Both work great, and both have their own sets of benefits. Check out this article for more information on the different types of razors.

2. choose your SHAVING BRUSH

The shaving brush is used to lather up the soap or cream and apply it to your face. Again, it's important to find a good quality shaving brush that you enjoy using, and will last a long time. Your going to be using this device every day so find something that makes you want to use it. 

Just like the razor, there are many different combinations of materials and styles. There is something for everybody, so choose something that stands out to you.

3. Decide between SHAVING SOAP OR CREAM

The lather is incredibly important for getting the best shave. Every brand has their own formula of shaving soap or shaving cream, and different formulas are better for different skin types. They can come with or without a fragrance, in travel or larger sizes, tubes or soap bricks. 

Unlike the razor or shaving brush, we recommend you try a few different products before settling on one you like in particular. Try a soap or 2, and a cream and see which one suits your skin the best.


The next step is to just start doing it! Simple as that. Find the best way to add it into a morning ritual, and just get right into it.

For most men, the best way to start is to go straight into it from the moment they wake up, for others, shaving will need to wait until after the first or second coffee. 

No matter what the case may be, the best way to bring the ritual of wet shaving into your life is to leave your hesitation at the door and just start doing it. You'll be amazed at the results something as simple as this can get you. 

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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