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Sustainable Style With Pure Elements

Looking for your next hair product and value sustainability? Give the Pure Elements line a look!

The philosophy behind Pure Elements is to create professional hair products, using environmentally friendly, and organic ingredients. They have a long list of hair care products to match the specific needs of any man's hair.

In the cosmetic industry, Pure Elements are the leaders of sustainable manufacturing processes.

Pure Elements is manufactured in Belgium by a company called Codibel. The factory is a triple-ISO rated production facility. The company is cutting edge in terms of sustainability. All products are made from cruelty-free, biodegradable/recyclable, and sustainable ingredients including the packaging. The factory actually produces its own power through wind and solar energy sources to minimise their footprint further. See here for more on their sustainable practices guide.


This is a great company and one we stand behind at The Emporium Barber for their high-quality products, solid sustainability philosophy, and a wide range of products. No matter what type of hair or style you’re looking for, Pure Elements has something for you.


For Dry Hair

Jojoba Conditioning Cream.

Jojoba is the main ingredient in the conditioning cream, and for good reason. Jojoba oil comes from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant. The oil is cold pressed out of the seeds to be used on the hair and skin.

Technically, the oil produced is classified as a liquid wax, which is very unique in the plant world. This liquid wax structure gives it the useful characteristic of matching our skin's sebum almost perfectly. This allows jojoba to soak into the hair and skin easily and mixes with our natural, healthy sebum.




Avocado Shine Butter

Avocado oil is a rich source of omega-9 fatty acids which are perfect for protecting and hydrating the hair. It’s light enough to soak into the hair but large enough to form a thin protective coating.

Other additions to this hydrating formula are clove, rosewood, and lime blossom. These essential oils stimulate the base of the hair, cleanse the hair's surface with their antiseptic properties, and protect it from environmental damage.


For Oily Hair

Pure Elements Tea Tree & Spearmint Shampoo

This shampoo places an emphasis on cleansing the scalp of oil and grease. It uses a gentle blend of essential oils to remove the majority of oil without drying it out completely. Perfect for oily hair types.

The peppermint essential oil delivers a stimulating, cooling sensation to the scalp, while it protects the hairs from the elements. This formula uses all natural ingredients to produce a salon-grade clean for your hair.




Pure Elements Cedarwood Clay

There is nothing worse than adding shine to already oily and shiny hair. This product gives a matte finish to the hair, to counteract any shine already present. The cedarwood essential oils contained in this formula help bring blood flow to the base of the hairs and promotes their growth.

Cedarwood also contains potent antiseptic qualities that help to cleanse the hair while you style it.

It has a nice, woody, masculine scent that is strong enough to sense it, but subtle enough that it won’t clash with any of your other scented products or cologne.






For Weak or thin Hair



Pure Elements Lavender Softening Mask

A lot of thin or weak hair is found on red irritated scalps. The hair can be stiff, thin, and brittle, and may break easily. Pure Elements has created the solution to this with the lavender softening mask.

This softening mask contains hydrolyzed keratin and wheat proteins to add strength and flexibility to otherwise thin or weak hair. Lavender and patchouli essential oils help to balance and hydrate dry hair and reduce any redness or irritation that might be present. Lanolin then adds a thin layer of protection to the individual hairs to prevent any further breakage or damage.

This is a great product to build up the strength of the hair, especially if used over a period of time.




With Pure Elements, you can be rest assured that the products you are using are as close to carbon neutral as possible without sacrificing any quality. These guys have been in the industry for a long time, and know what it takes to make salon-grade products without hurting the planet we live on.

Cheers to Pure Elements!

Check out our selection of Pure Elements products today!


Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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