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The Bearded Chap, Beard Kit Product Review

Combining the right beard care products can be confusing with so many different products on the market. The truth is that most of them are great, but many have conflicting qualities which can result with a dry, or greasy beard.  

Most people don’t truly understand what makes a good soap/beard oil combination. The Bearded Chap offers a solution to this problem by pairing their Original Beard Oil with an Original Beard Wash that complement its qualities and signature aroma.

The Bearded chap, beard care Kit

The Bearded Chap, Beard Wash

Paraben, Sulphate and Silicon Free

These chemicals are the preservatives, and  agents often found in shampoos and soaps. They are pretty much a standard ingredient in most of these kinds of products across the board.

Removing these ingredients will results in a better beard wash for the overall health of your hair, but they do come with some downsides.

Silicon in particular, is a useful element for maintaining your hair's luster, and healing damage on the surface of the hair. With other soaps and shampoos, this is a fairly standard addition. The problem is that silicon can build up on the hair's surface and end up sealing in its moisture. With regular use, this can cause your beard to become greasy. And nobody wants a greasy beard.

The Bearded Chap combo offers a solution to this problem by cutting the silicon out completely, and swapping in jojoba oil, which is found in the beard oil side of the combo.

The Bearded Chap, Beard Oil

A combination of 11 different essential and base oils to refresh and protect your beard

Jojoba is technically a wax that takes the form of an oil, and closely resembles the chemical structure of your body’s sebum. It has the benefits of adding the same luster characteristic of the silicon without the greasy side effects.

Many beard balm contain parabens or other waxes to ensure your beard stays protected and clean after you have finished washing your face. These additions can cause the skin to dry out, and tend to build up over time, making them unsuitable for daily use. The exception would be only those with the greasiest of beards.

The Bearded Chap, beard wash works great for daily use. In fact, this was the creator's intention. They achieved this daily-use status by removing the paraben and other drying agents, to create a much milder beard wash . 

The after treatment of their original beard oil then allows these beneficial moisturisers, antiseptics, and lusterizing agents, to be added to the facial hair after the wash. This blend really gives the facial hair a nice feel, without causing it to feel heavy or leave you with that annoying beard itch.

Multi-Purpose Beard Care Brand

The major problem with beard washes is that many manufacturers try to make theirs do everything.  On the other hand, the actual purpose of a facial hair wash is to remove dirt and oils, not add them back in! 

The brands beard wash is different from others. To put it simply, it does not try to be anything it is not designed for. 

While the beard wash removes excess oils and dirt off your face,  the beard oil will then re-hydrate and moisturize the skin and facial hair,  making this beard care kit one of the best in terms of skincare and beard care. 

Invest in some beard balm or mustache wax to help style your beard and give water protection.  

Keeping Your Beard Clean

The Bearded Chap Beard Wash has none of the nasty chemical antibacterial and preservative agents that most soaps and shampoos leave behind. Instead they use a combination of essential oils, and high quality carrier oils which are more than enough to keep the beard wash from going bad naturally.

To maintain your beard's cleanliness after the wash, the brands original beard oil has similar and complimentary essential oils. The sandalwood and Siberian fir needle essential oils present in the beard oil are perfect additions for maintaining a clean beard throughout the day. This comes without the risk of "beardruff" or a dry, crispy beard that parabens and sulfates can cause.

A Perfect Combination of Facial Hair Care and Skin Care

The perfect combination of a mild, daily use beard wash, and a complimenting beard oil with both fast acting and slow acting oils, are what make The Bearded Chap's product combo the best. This is combination of two products that is perfect for 365-day beard care without worrying about greasy or dry beards.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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