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The Trendiest Hairstyles for Men

Every year, different happenings in popular culture spark a trend surge for certain hairstyles. Look around and suddenly everyone’s rocking a low quiff, undercut, or top-knot. The lifespan of the trend’s popularity can be fast and fickle, or built to last.

Here's some of the most popular hairstyles for me you’ll see on the streets right now. Which ones do you think have staying power?


Basically, this hairstyle is shaved sides and back, with a long top.

It’s the most popular hairstyle we currently get asked to create here at The Emporium Barber, probably because of the amount of variation you can achieve with it day-to-day. One day you might slick it back, mess it up, style into a quiff, side part... all easily styled with a bit of pomade.


The pompadour is characterized by tight, tapered sides with large volume over the top.

A common preference is to have faded sides with a neat rise at the front. But depending on your individual style and hair type, this style can get really big and tall - if you’re up for it!


This hybrid style is the lovechild of the undercut and the man bun.

For the guy who wants to keep some of his hair a bit longer to style it a few different ways, the top knot has become super popular especially thanks to movie stars starting to sport the look. When you’re not rocking a full style, the top knot is not just a convenient way of getting tricky hair out of your face – it’s a fashion statement.

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It’s pretty popular this year with no signs of slowing down in the coming years.

This hairstyle is achieved by tapering the sides and keeping the top layer long and cutting it at a specific angle. It’s great for guys who don’t want to spend ages doing their hair every day – pop in a good texture paste and it should only take you 5 minutes to achieve this look.


A modern twist on the good ol’ short-back-and-sides;

This haircut looks best on guys with square faces, but is pretty adaptable with the right barber. Whether you want faded sides or a more natural and relaxed look, just ask your barber to leave a bit of choppy length at the top. 

Texturing paste or molding clay will keep your look sharp (ie: no fluffy hair).


This style has enjoyed resurgence with the growing popularity of the bearded look.

It looks totally on-trend when slicked back nice and neat. To style, consider blow drying your hair to get a bit of volume first, then comb through something like a water pomade for a super-slick appearance. 

You can see from the above styles that there’s no shortage in options for men’s hair. Gone are the days when a number four all over was pretty much your only option (thank god). 

Which of these styles do you want to try? Let us know on your next visit and we can update your look.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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James Thompson

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