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Our Review OF George & King Custom Suits It's Now Time To Go Custom

May 15, 2017

Our Review OF G&K Custom Suits It's Now Time To Go Custom 

George & King is an Australian premier custom suit company that specialises in masterfully crafted custom garments. A one stop shop for sartorial style.  A lot of people often ask what exactly is the difference between Made to Measure, Custom and Bespoke. At George & King every client has the ability to design a look that is individual to them, reflects their personality and enables them to stand out from the crowd something we think is pretty awesome! 

George And King


Made To Measure  

A MTM company takes suiting patterns and modifies a standard jacket block. A tailor will modify standard block patterns to take your body shape nuances into account (sleeve length, jacket length, shoulder width etc.) George & King roughly 20 body measurements are taken during your first fitting this helps get the perfect fit ruling out lengthy alterations.  

Their style concierge will pass on your choices and measurements to the master tailor, you don't meet this tailor. Because their suits are hand crafted off shore. After 4 weeks when the garment returns a second fitting takes place. If with the off chance your suit still needs minor tweaks, this will be done locally, within a few days. 

george and king

Going Custom

When you decide to go with MTM with George & King you will have an hour long fitting. Going custom refers to the ability to choose the small details and add personal touches to your suit. A style concierge will help the you choose the perfect fabric, and talk you through the customisation options to suit (excuse the pun) your body type and style preference, choices such as, how many pockets, would you like them slanted or straight, how many buttons, what type of buttons, single or double breasted, the lining, the lapel etc. The options are endless and this is a benefit of going custom. You get a choice!

george and king




Bespoke is defined as a handmade garment/item where the pattern is cut completely from scratch. This includes a first fitting so the tailor is able to adjust the suit at an intermediary baste stage. As a result, you have limitless options for the design of the suit because there is nothing to build on or adjust.

A pattern has everything to do with shape of the garment, how it sits with you, how it drapes on you, how it moves with you. With a Bespoke piece, a new pattern is created for each individual wearer. There is no modifying of base patterns because this could mean that the tailor could miss any of the individual quirks of the wearer’s body.

There are also many more fittings required with a bespoke suit. First is the skeleton baste fitting, second the forward fitting, third the fin bar fin fitting, all being done at different stages of tailoring. Then there are multiple other fittings to tweak the feel, the design. Talented tailors build on top each fitting. Bespoke is also handmade, not machine made. This means between 50-100 man hours can be placed into a single suit. MTM will have approximately only 20 man hours put into it in comparison.

A Bespoke suit can cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000; dependent on fabric and quality of your chosen master tailor. A MTM is a little less damaging to the wallet, with George & King suits costing upwards of $700 and taking approximately 4-6 weeks to create. 

George & King suits are handcrafted using 100% wool. Major bonus thier business bundles, purchasing a second pair of pants and a few custom shirts will get you on your way to creating the perfect capsule wardrobe. 

We highly recommend George and King Custome Suits 

A word from Newstead Brewing Co: A meeting of excellent people and an education on how quality drives our passion

April 05, 2017

newstead brewing co meets gentlemans monthly meetup group

This month's meetup took us to the Newstead Brewing Co. where we had the pleasure of tasting and pairing some of their best beers, with BASIK Chocolates premium chocolates. This is a word from Newstead Brewing Co themselves on the event. 

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Recap Of The Gentlemen’s Meet-Up From The Owner Of BASIK Chocolates

April 04, 2017

BASIK Chocolates tasting event at the emporium barber

The founder of BASIK Chocolates gives us a rundown of the tasting event at the last Gentleman's Monthly Meetup group. Pairing great beer with great chocolate is something everybody should get the chance to experience in life. Learn more about this event and how you can sign up to take part in many more just like it from The Emporium Barber. 

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How To Keep The Love Going From Valentines Day

February 16, 2017

how to keep the love going from valentines day

It’s very important to keep the spark going in a relationship, and many use valentine's day as a good excuse to get some love. The rest of the year lies dormant and uneventful. This doesn’t need to be the case. In fact, it shouldn’t! No matter how long you’ve been with your partner it’s possible to keep the love alive for many years to come. We’ve put together a small list of 7 ways to keep the love going after valentine's day...

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5 Tips For A Successful Valentines Day

February 07, 2017

valentines day tips

Valentine's day is fast approaching. Don't be "that guy" that waits until the morning of to find a random, thoughtless gift. Be the one that takes that simple step of planning ahead to truly impress your partner? Whether you're with Britney or Brian, we've got you covered this V-day with these 5 simple tips....

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A Brief History of Barber Tools

November 19, 2015

Barbers today employ a range of specialty tools designed to keep your mane perfectly trimmed and your face ultra smooth.  But it wasn’t always this way. Let’s have a quick wander through history to find out how barbers kept us looking our best in the past.

Early beginnings.

From as early as 3000BC, barbering services were performed in ancient Egypt, where people shaved their heads and faces regularly. But if you sat down for a tidy up back then, you’d have been worked on with a series of crude instruments usually formed from sharpened flint, stone, or oyster shells. Let’s assume that those guys sat very, very still when having a shave.

By the time of the Roman Empire, crude early razors were used, as well as scissors, combs and creams to keep instruments and hair in good shape.  Early razors were designed like a half-moon at first, and the handle was flat and made with material such as wood, bone, or ivory for the cashed up elite.

Eventually toolmakers started experimenting with bronze, copper and iron tools. By 1740, Benjamin Huntsman was making straight razors complete with decorated handles and hollow-ground blades made from cast steel.

Shaving brushes often had handles made from ivory, gold, silver, tortoise shell, crystal, or porcelain. The more expensive brushes used badger hair, with cheaper options being boar or horse’s hair. Having your own shaving kit was quite the status symbol.

Tools in the 1800s and 1900s.

Let’s face it – some historic beards and hairstyles have been pretty elaborate. From perfectly waved manes to curled or pointy moustaches, just how did barbers achieve such shapes without a handy wax or pomade that we might use today?

You can see from this picture the variety of tools that were required to tame men’s hair to suit the popular trends over the 1800s and early 1900s.

The tools at the top were used to curl and wave ringlets into the hair and beard. They were heated over hot coals for a few seconds, cleaned with a cloth, and then used to force the hair into shape.

The small scissors were used for nose and ear hairs, while the double comb (the one slightly curved on both sides) was for combing lice out of hair.

The fork-like tools were used to keep long hair in place, and the clamp-shaped scissor at the bottom was used to dip cloth in hot water before applying it to the face in preparation of shaving.

 Before electricity came along, hair clippers were manually operated – a far cry from the smooth and precise nature of electric clippers today. They were designed with a pair of handles that barbers had to squeeze together and release to cut tufts of hair, which they did one section at a time.

Modern instruments of manly grooming.

In 1921 Leo Wahl created and patented the first electric clipper. With the resurgence of the clean cut look due to World War I & II, the clipper has been a staple of barber shops around the world ever since. Combine it with at least two pairs of good barbering scissors, a comb, a shaving brush and straight razor, and you’ve got your basic barber’s tool kit. Although many improvements have been made on the tools in order to produce better results, the staple ingredients of a kit remain mostly the same.

These tools belonged to an itinerant barber in Puerto Rico in the 1930s and 1940s.


The straight razor experienced a decline in popularity after King Camp Gillette invented the disposable double-edged safety razor (first rolled out in 1903). However, the traditional barbershop experience, including the ‘cut throat’ shave has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as men re-embrace their enjoyment of high-quality grooming.

Click here to book your next haircut or experience a traditional straight edge razor shave for yourself.

Haircare 101: How To Take Care Of Your Hair

November 05, 2015

When your hair is looking good, you feel good. But for a lot of guys,how to take care of your hair good hair doesn’t just happen automatically. Dry, brittle or damaged hair can make styling really difficult and leave you feeling not at your best.

Just like your car, your hair needs proper maintenance to stay in top form. Certain shampoos or products market themselves as able to ‘repair the damage’ to your hair, but the truth is that once your hair is damaged, it cannot repair itself.

The good news is that with the right hair care routine, it’s possible for every guy to maintain great looking hair.

So let’s check out some hair care fundamentals that keep your crowning glory looking top notch.

Ease up on the washing.

Washing your hair too often can actually strip it of the natural oils that your scalp produces to protect your strands. Aim to wash only when necessary – for most guys this will be 3 times a week. When washing your hair, massage your scalp in the shower to stimulate blood circulation in your follicles. Also, don’t have the water too hot – you’ll dry out your hair and scalp.

Don’t scorch your hair.

Regular blow-drying on maximum heat will damage your hair, leaving it frizzy and coarse. Whenever possible, allow your hair to dry naturally.  But if you don’t want to give up blow drying completely, follow these quick tips:

  • Change the setting on your hairdryer to cool mode, or at least slightly less than hot-as-hell.
  • Apply a thermal heat spray before blow drying to give your hair some level of protection.
  • Hold the dryer 30cms away from your head, and sweep the air briskly from side to side.

Be gentle with wet hair.

When your hair is wet, it is highly susceptible to damage. Hair is basically made up of fibrous proteins and amino acids that are layered as the hair grows. So it is easy to stretch and break with vigorous towel drying.  To properly towel dry your hair, stroke the towel in the direction your hair is growing. It might take a bit longer, but after a while you’ll notice less frizziness and split ends.

See your barber for a trim every 6 weeks.

Once hair has sprouted from your scalp, it’s officially getting older... and weaker. As time goes on, each strand loses moisture, and the protective outer covering splits and frays. The damage moves up the shaft, weakening and dulling each strand. A regular trim helps to keep your hair strong and sharp, getting rid of any damaged ends before they can affect the rest of the strand.

Choose your products wisely.

Not all products are right for every kind of hair. What’s more, many products out there contain cheap and nasty chemicals that will damage your hair and scalp. When choosing products, look for brands that represent a higher standard of quality than a $2 bin at the chemist – remember you often get what you pay for.

With so many products on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to choose what’s right for your hair. Next time you’re at The Emporium Barber, ask your barber what products would be good for your hair type.

6 Trendiest Hairstyles for Guys Right Now

October 21, 2015

Every year, different happenings in popular culture spark a trend surge for certain hairstyles. Look around and suddenly everyone’s rocking a low quiff, undercut, or top-knot. The lifespan of the trend’s popularity can be fast and fickle, or built to last.

Here are 6 of the most popular on-trend hairstyles you’ll see on the streets right now. Which ones do you think have staying power?

Style 1: The Undercut

Basically, this hairstyle is shaved sides and back, with a long top. It’s the most popular hairstyle we currently get asked to create here at The Emporium Barber, probably because of the amount of variation you can achieve with it day-to-day. One day you might slick it back, mess it up, style into a quiff, side part... all easily styled with a bit of pomade.


Style 2: The Top Knot

This hybrid style is the lovechild of the undercut and the man bun. For the guy who wants to keep some of his hair a bit longer to style it a few different ways, the top knot has become super popular especially thanks to movie stars starting to sport the look. When you’re not rocking a full style, the top knot is not just a convenient way of getting tricky hair out of your face – it’s a fashion statement.

 top knottop knot 2

Style 3: The Pompadour

Generally, the pompadour is characterised by tight, tapered sides with large volume over the top. A common preference is to have faded sides with a neat rise at the front. But depending on your individual style and hair type, this style can get really big and tall - if you’re up for it!

 pompadourpompadour 2

Style 4: The Angular Fringe

This hairstyle is achieved by tapering the sides and keeping the top layer long and cutting it at a specific angle. It’s pretty popular this year with no signs of slowing down in 2016. It’s great for guys who don’t want to spend ages doing their hair every day – pop in a good texture paste and it should only take you 5 minutes to achieve this look.

 angular fringeangular fringe 2

Style 5: Short and Textured

A modern twist on the good ol’ short-back-and-sides, this haircut looks best on guys with square faces, but is pretty adaptable with the right barber. Whether you want faded sides or a more natural and relaxed look, just ask your barber to leave a bit of choppy length at the top. Texturing paste or moulding clay will keep your look sharp (ie: no fluffy hair).

side partside part 2

Style 6: The Side Part

This style has enjoyed resurgence with the growing popularity of the bearded look. It looks totally on-trend when slicked back nice and neat. To style, consider blow drying your hair to get a bit of volume first, then comb through something like a water pomade for a super-slick appearance.

 side partside part 2

You can see from the above styles that there’s no shortage in options for men’s hair. Gone are the days when a number four all over was pretty much your only option (thank god).

Which of these styles do you want to try? Let us know on your next visit and we can update your look.

3 Classic Hairstyles That Always Look Sharp

October 09, 2015

Modern man’s hairstyles have evolved way past the good old ‘short back and sides’. These days we can wear our hair however we please – shaved, dreadlocked, coloured, or even tied up in a trendy ‘man bun’.

But that’s not to say that some of the classics of times past should be binned. Classics become classics for good reason, after all.

So check out these three classic men’s hairstyles that still look mighty sharp today.

1. Crew Cut

This short haircut is done almost completely with a clipper (except for the front), and is a type of buzz cut. It’s classically masculine, and mostly suits people with a solid shaped head and a squarish face, although any good barber can make it work for different shaped faces.

It’s a favourite request here at The Emporium Barber. We usually get asked to leave some length in the front so guys can create a bit of a quiff or scruff it up a touch for a bit of ruggedness amongst the sharp neatness of the rest of the head.

To style, use a bit of light paste to give it some finish.

2. Side Part

This absolute classic from the 1920s – 1940s is still going strong today. The basis of the haircut is short-back-and-sides, with a classic taper on the sides and the top left long enough to comb to one side. Traditionally it has been very tight and clean, making it a conservative favourite for businessmen. These days the style has loosened to give the hair a bit more of a natural look.

The styling product you should use depends on your hair density. If you’ve got thicker hair, go something like this pomade, while more light and fine hair is more suited to a Matte Clay Paste. The best approach is to put the product on your hair when it’s damp, and then part using a comb.

3. Slicked Back

Typical of Hollywood actors in the 1950s, the slicked back look is still going strong. Thanks to modern pomades and other hairstyling products, it’s easier to achieve than ever.

To slick your hair back, apply a good pomade with some shine to your hair. Then, gently comb your hair back starting at the forehead hairline and finishing at the crown of your head. Classically, the sides were also slicked back, with the hair pretty tightly flattened to the head. These days however, a short crop underneath is a favourite with a longer, more volumised slick over the top.

There are tons of terrific hairstyles for fellas out there, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Out of these three, which one’s your favourite? Come in to the barbershop and we can advise which will look best on you.



September 02, 2015

A hot towel shave may seem like a foreign and exotic experience to some or a weekly routine for others. It’s something you see going on at the barbershop but don’t really know why, let alone how it works. That’s what we’re here for; to help get you educated in the pursuit of manliness.

There are plenty of classic benefits to the hot towel shave that have sadly dropped off in the modern world, but it’s our duty to revitalise the way men’s beards are shaped, groomed and shaved. So let’s get started. Why bother with a hot towel shave? Well firstly, it feels awesome. The regulars among you will know this, the others will envy this. Why does it feel so awesome? Here are few reasons.


  • It softens and opens up your pours
  • Gets them ready for a nice, close fitting shave
  • The second set of hot towels help get rid of any impurities cramped away in your skin
  • They also help soak up the steam and heat, moisturising your skin and cleaning it
  • Blocks out any unwanted razor burn or redness
  • Massaging stimulates the nerves and promotes circulation to help wake you up


You know that feeling you get 15 minutes into a steaming hot shower? The one where you feel clean as a whistle and fresh through and through? Imagine that alongside a freshly shaved face, superbly applied and executed. There’s nothing better than kicking your legs back and getting the deepest, cleanest shave of your live.

If you haven’t experienced a hot towel shave in the past, book yourself in and re-evaluate what it means to feel clean and look fresh. 

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We Want You!

August 26, 2015

We are currently looking for some more amazing staff for both our Fortitude Valley and Post Office Square stores as we can't keep up with demand.

We work off a flexible roster and provide industry leading rates of pay with great staff incentives.

If you love your coffee then you're in luck we our espresso bars serving only the finest Toby's Estate Coffee from some of our amazing fully trained Baristas, so we'll keep you well caffeinated and fed with some of the tasty treats we get in from time to time.

We provide regular training from some of the best in the industry, so if you've got a passion for what you do and a willingness to learn and even pass on your already great skills then don't hesitate to apply.

Check out our Employment page for more information.

If you don't like coffee then this offer is not for you!

March 20, 2015

But if you do then check out our Coffee Subscription.

That's right for $19.95 you can get for yourself 7 days of unlimited coffee.

Not just any coffee either, not instant, not what we want to give you, but you can have as much of your favourite cup as you like.

Not only is it great value but its pretty simple as well, all you need to do is have a quick chat to one of our baristas and they can set you up with a subscription in the time it takes to make your coffee.

Start and stop whenever you want, all you need to do is pay $19.95 and for the next week you get unlimited coffee.

There's only one catch, our subscription is only valid for you, so if you can only grab one coffee at a time.

Beards, Beers & Barbers

March 12, 2015

The Emporium Barber would like to extend an invitation to an evening of Beards, Barbers & Beers, supported by The Bearded Chap and Burleigh Brewing.

All stages of beards are welcome! So whether you are sporting light to heavy stubble, all the way through to your formidable full beard, come along to learn about Beard Grooming 101, presented by The Bearded Chap founding beard and CEO Luke Swenson.

Date: Friday 13th March 2015

Time: 6pm onwards

Location: The Emporium Barber Post Office Square
Shop 11, 215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane.

The evening will entail:

A FREE beer on arrival,
Special Offers,
Live Demonstrations,
Beard Grooming 101,
Live Music.

We hope to be greeted by your glorious growth and ask that you RSVP prior to the event. To accept this invitation click here.

Start talking about this event now with the trending #BEARDGROOMING101 and tag a bearded bro! After all, two beards are better than one!

Post Office Square Store now open...

January 28, 2015

Our new store in the heart of the Brisbane CBD is now open and ready to have have you looking your sharpest.

Located at 215 Adelaide St we are just off the Post Office Square park, next door to Guzman y Gomez.

Open from 7am to 6pm our Espresso Bar brews your favourite Toby's Estate Coffee, the fridge is keeping those boutique beers cold for you and our awesome barbers will definitely have you walking out looking, smelling and feeling like a new man!

To book an appointment at our Post Office Square store click here.

Barbers Wanted

December 08, 2014


We're busy and just getting busier as our awesome clients spread the word about us.
If you are an experienced barber / men's hairdresser then we want to hear from you.
Have a look at the Employment section of the website