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Beards, Beers & Barbers

The Emporium Barber would like to extend an invitation to an evening of Beards, Barbers & Beers, supported by The Bearded Chap and Burleigh Brewing.

All stages of beards are welcome! So whether you are sporting light to heavy stubble, all the way through to your formidable full beard, come along to learn about Beard Grooming 101, presented by The Bearded Chap founding beard and CEO Luke Swenson.

Date: Friday 13th March 2015

Time: 6pm onwards

Location: The Emporium Barber Post Office Square
Shop 11, 215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane.

The evening will entail:

A FREE beer on arrival,
Special Offers,
Live Demonstrations,
Beard Grooming 101,
Live Music.

We hope to be greeted by your glorious growth and ask that you RSVP prior to the event. To accept this invitation click here.

Start talking about this event now with the trending #BEARDGROOMING101 and tag a bearded bro! After all, two beards are better than one!

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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