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5 Tips For A Successful Valentines Day

5 Tips For A Successful Valentines Day

Valentine's day is fast approaching. Don't be "that guy" that waits until the morning of to find a random, thoughtless gift. Be the one that takes that simple step of planning ahead to truly impress your partner? Whether you're with Britney or Brian, we've got you covered this V-day with these 5 simple tips. 

1. Get some fresh air together

Pack a lunch and a bottle of wine and hit the bush for some fresh air together. There is nothing like a solo trek out into the wilderness to find some romance. Try going to the Noosa Heads Laguna Lookout for some incredible views and romantic solitude. For you, New South Wales patrons, try taking a stroll along the Federation Cliff Walk north of Bondi. 

2. Reenact your first date 

There are few things more romantic for a couple than to stage a reenactment of your first date with your partner. It’s a great way to show some nostalgic love to your significant other and is great to spark some of that past excitement you both went through in the early days of your relationship. 

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3. Use rose petals as a final touch

It may be cliché, but rose petals are a great touch to any romantic gesture. The scent given off by rose petals contains a chemical that's been shown to spark the sexual interests of the people affected, and the deep red colour is psychologically wired to get you in the mood. 

Buy rose petals in bulk from florists and spread them out in your home leading up to the bedroom. Your partner will surely be impressed after a night on the town coming home to a romantic trail of roses. 

4. Rent a hotel room (even if it's in the city)

Staying in a hotel is a classic way of provoking those edgy thoughts. Getting a hotel room doesn’t need to mean travelling far away. Visit your local beach or nearby town, or simply order a room in the city and allow for a night on the town. 

You’ll be surprised what a hotel room can do for a romantic night out, even with couples who live together. 

5. Think outside the box (as in finding a gift that's more than the standard box of chocolates). 

Thinking outside the box means finding a gift, big or small, that goes further than that standard, thoughtless box of chocolates. Chocolate is that gift you give people when you don’t know what else to get them, it's a good gesture but doesn't show much thought.

Pay attention to his or her hobbies, interests, or mentions and get a gift that stands out.
Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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