Recap Of The Gentlemen’s Meet-Up From The Owner Of BASIK Chocolates - The Emporium Barber

Recap Of The Gentlemen’s Meet-Up From The Owner Of BASIK Chocolates

Recap of Gentlemen’s Meet-Up From The Owner of BASIK Chocolate

First of all, thank you to all those who attended The Emporium Barber's Gentlemen’s Meet Up last Friday. For those who missed out on the evening, we went on a journey where chocolate and beer met at a Bar (Newstead Brewing Co.)…

The night started with us working through the first phase of the tasting session by understanding the notes within the chocolates presented for the pairings later in the evening. We started with the Hazelnut Praline & Murray River Salt: Bite through the bittersweet cacao shell to reveal a moreish and hazelnutty smoothness. Nostalgia may kick in as this orgasmic moment of salt burst and crunch skittles across your palate. The hazelnut praline is mixed with a smooth but unsweetened milk chocolate and the deceptive crunch comes from the unique Paillete Feulletine and a sprinkle of Cacao nibs.”

As everyone basked in a moment of silent contempt, words uttered across the room: “I can’t believe what you said actually happened as I ate it…the salt and crunchy bits”



Palates were cleansed with a little water and round two was underway with the next flavour, Coffee Vanilla Milk:

As the milk cacao shell melts off, it reveals this epic culmination of vanilla beans hailing from Mexico, more robust with a deeper fragrance that tantalises the palate with a heightened sense of sweetness. A delicate and smooth sweetness rolls off the palate shortly revealing a locally roasted coffee that has a perfect mocha-like infusion which is nutty in its finish. This beauty will make you think “Screw just having one of these, give me 10!”



Beer loves united on a toast to their IPAs and Golden Ales for the evening as BASIK and Newstead Brewing Co. brought in the real firepower for the evening with their LiquidAmber Ale to accompany BASIK’s Hazelnut Praline & Murray River Salt along with their 21 Feet 7 Inches Porter with the Coffee Vanilla Milk. Pints up!

Apologies to any sommeliers or connoisseur of alcohol. We started off with the LiquidAmber Ale, and we discussed the biscuity notes and honey-like flavours being highlighted by ten-folds during this tasting. During the tasting, we started by taking a small sip of the LiquidAmber and rolled it across our palates ensuring that all senses across the mouth were activated. Half bite of the Hazelnut Praline and then the magic began! The alcohol acts as a buffer and the clingy mouthfeel of chocolate is converted into a silky and instant mouth watering sensation, everything glides across as the biscuity and honey notes build up across the palate. The salt acts a contrast for the sweet notes yet again and now the nose of the beer presents some unique characteristics of freshly drizzled honey on toast with a milky chocolate finish.

BASIK chocolates and the emporium barber meetup

A ‘Dark Ale’ named after the infamous floods during the 1970’s, 21 Feet 7 Inches did present an unfortunate coincidence with the weather patterns on the Thursday night before, however, it did not diminish the rooms excitement for the resounding notes of burnt coffee and dark cacao with a slight oiliness on the finish. Once again, a sip of the beer to coat the palate and the half bite kicked through. The bittersweet flavours usually represented in a dark ale are instantly counteracted by the vanilla beans with an estranged but sensual textural highlight. The nose of the beer presents higher notes of burnt coffee and on the finish of the chocolate, it extends the dark cacao notes on the nose. Little hints of caramel flower across the palate with the composition of the vanilla milk itself.

An experience to remember for all but you can relive this moment by grabbing yourself a box or two of BASIK’s weekly tasting pack and a few colds ones from Newstead Brewing Co. for your own tasting evening!

Slainte Gentlemen,


Founder of BASIK Chocolates


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Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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