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Product Review: Baxter Of California Face Scrub

If your like me then you may have noticed that if you ever suffer from dry skin it's in the winter. Winter brings with it much cooler, dryer weather, causing the skin to either look pale or rashy. 

It's amazing what a good face scrub can offer for some dry skin buildup. 

Enter Baxter Of California Face Scrub...

This product is a lifesaver when it comes to dry skin. In order to talk about how it actually works, we need to go over some skincare basics.

baxter face scrub product review

What Is Dry Skin?

Skin is made up of millions of tiny, highly specialised cells. These cells form several layers, each having its own characteristics and function. Since the overall job of the skin is to protect the bodies interior, the cells of the skin are designed to be tough.

The bottom layers of the skin are the youngest. They are small, contain lots of water, and squish close together. As newer cells are made below, it pushes these young cells to the surface. As they near the surface, they begin to die. Having these cells die makes them harder, and gives an additional level of protection. When the skin is scratched, these dead cells take the hit, saving the tissues beneath. 

With dryer weather or people with naturally dry skin, these dead skin cells form much sooner in the natural skin production process. The skin then becomes tougher and has a scaley appearance. Important proteins like keratin, elastin, and collagen can become imbalanced, leading to early wrinkling or sagging in the skin. 


Baxter Of California Facial Scrub

Baxter Of California's Facial Scrub is designed to remove this layer of dead skin, exposing the younger, well-hydrated cells below. Most scrubs will call it quits at this point. Leaving your skin looking fresh and smooth, but highly exposed and prone to further damage.

This face scrub by Baxter finished the job properly. this specialty formula from one of the oldest men's cosmetics company in North America has refined the recipe to include a swath of hydrating, and protective oils to not only remove dead skin, but also stimulate blood flow, collagen production, and creates a protective barrier. 

This not only makes the skin look smoother and move vibrant but actually cultivates healthy skin growth. thus ending the cycle faced by many of you that may be reading this who suffer from dry skin. 


The Ingredients

This Face Scrubs uses walnut shell powder as a dual purpose exfoliant and antiseptic. The abrasive particle help removes dead skin cells while you massage the product into your face, while a special chemical contained in the hulls called juglone sterilises the skin. 

Other antiseptic ingredients include rosemary leaf extract, which also helps bring blood flow closer to the surface of the skin, prompting the production of fresh skin cells and increased collagen production. Thyme leaf extract, lavender extract, chamomile extract, and honey all offer soothing and antiseptic qualities to the product naturally. 

The main soothing agent in this face scrub is the aloe extract. Aloe is well known for its anti-inflammatory, and skin soothing properties. this is a crucial quality for a quality face scrub to have because the process of exfoliation can damage the skin as it removes the dead outer layers. Providing soothing and restorative chemicals help to reduce any redness or irritation that come as a result. 

aloe vera ingredient


Who Should Use This Product?

The formula for this product is very impressive. Every ingredient serves at least 2 purposes, whether adding to the cleansing qualities, dead skin removal, skin soothing, or adding to the gentle botanical fragrance. 

This product is perfect for any man who experiences dry skin from time to time. it makes a great late night wash before brushing the teeth and heading to bed. 

Find it here. 



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