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Product Review: Baxter Shave 1.2.3

Whether you’re interested in getting into wet shaving but not sure where to start, or already an avid wet shaving ninja who simply appreciates high-quality products, this package is for you.  

The Baxter Shave 1.2.3. is everything you need -- minus the razor -- for a Baxter-quality shave. Baxter Of California has been making shaving and skincare products for men for the past 50 years. This makes them one of the oldest companies in the industry.

This premium wet shaving kit combines three of Baxter's best products in a ready to use, convenient package to create some real synergy in your morning shaving routine.

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What’s Included In The Baxter Shave 1.2.3?

This kit includes Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula, The Best Badger Shave Brush, and Baxter’s After Shave Balm. The kit is designed to work seamlessly together, providing an all round experience for your next wet shave.



1. Baxter Super Close Shave Formula 

To begin the shave, the Super close shave formula works to soften the hairs, and sooth the skin before razor touches skin. With a series of botanical anti-inflammatories, this shave formula actively reduces and prevents redness and irritation while you shave. The super hydrating, non-lathering formula then helps to promote as much hydration as possible into the skin. These guys are specialists when it comes to skin health, and this shaving formula is a clear indication of their expertise.

We have reviewed this product in depth in the past, which can be found here.

The bottom line with this product is that the innovative, non-lathering style of shaving cream Baxter of California has designed, makes it perfect for those with particularly sensitive, dry, or normal skin. The cream itself is not like other shaving creams in that it doesn’t produce a thick lather. Instead, this shave cream uses a thin layer of microfoam, and emulsified oils to allow the razor to glide gracefully across the surface of the skin, avoiding irritation and discomfort.

This lather can be applied with the hands alone if a shaving brush isn’t handy, but with the Baxter Shave 1.2.3 Kit, the Badger Shave Brush they include will help to form the best level of microfoam possible during application.


2. Best Badger Shave Brush

The shave brush is a specially designed wet shaving tool that helps to both lather the shave cream or shave soap and distribute it evenly over the face and around the individual hairs on the face. Using just the hands to apply shave cream will appear to cover all the skins surface, but fails to coat the hairs completely. The fine badger bristles of a good quality shaving brush will ensure the hairs are covered in the cream thoroughly.

This allows the shaving cream to perform its job to the best of its ability, by giving the best surface area possible on the hairs. This brings in hydration and softens the hairs before you cut it with your razor. This process is essential for preventing razor burn and getting the closest shave possible.


best badger brush



3. After Shave Balm

After the shave, it’s important to follow up with an aftershave to close the pores, and further prevent the development of razor burn and skin irritation. This is where the Baxter Of California After Shave comes in. This product comes packing potent emollient and anti-inflammatory botanical extracts to control the peripheral blood flow of the face and limit redness and any of the side effects often associated with the shaving process.

This aftershave also contains some mild antiseptics to prevent any of your pores from becoming inflamed and causing acne or blackheads. Directly after a shave is when your skin is at the highest risk of becoming damaged or irritated, which is why using aftershave is so important.

Baxter of California is by far one of the premier men skincare companies in the world. The products they have matched together in this Shave Kit 1.2.3 uses 50 years of business experience and market research to give the best results possible. Not only do they work great on their own, but they have a synergistic action when combined, further enhancing the effectiveness overall.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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