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Product Review: Baxter Shave Tonic

The Baxter Shave tonic is your solution to shaving optimisation. The very word “tonic” refers to the ability for something to provide non-specific beneficial actions on whatever system it was designed for. In the case of the Baxter Shave Tonic, the process of focus is shaving.

This means that the shave tonic can be used as a way to improve the shaving process overall. If used as a pre-shave, it works to soften and hydrate the hairs before the shaving soap or cream is applied. As an aftershave, the blend of soothing essential oils and aloe extract helps to reduce irritation and lowers inflammation.

baxter shave tonic product review

The Ingredients

Let’s have a look at the contents of this Shave Tonic so that we can get a better idea of how this product can be so useful as a pre-shave and post-shave treatment.  

1. Essential Oils

This Baxter Shave Tonic contains a very careful blend of stimulating and soothing essential oils. The essential oils of rosemary, menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus all work to improve peripheral blood flow, bringing blood closer to the surface of the skin, bringing with it a rich supply of oxygen and nutrients. This helps the hair follicles to stand up straight right before a shave and speeds up the repair process after a shave.

rosemary essential oil

2. Emollients

An emollient is something that acts specifically to soothe the skin. Natural emollients generally contain a rich supply of long chain sugars known as mucilages that are not able to absorb into the skin. Instead, they sit on the surface of the skin and deliver the moisture locked away between their long chains of sugar molecules to effectively soothe and hydrate the skin.

In the Baxter Shave Tonic, the emollients used include Hydrogenated Polydecene and Aloe barbadensis leaf extract. This leaf is best known for its ability to treat sunburns and skin inflammations. When used on the skin after a shave, the inflammatory process is inhibited and slowed by some of the more complex chemistry like glycosides salicylic acids. The mucilages add hydration and act as a barrier to protect the skin from the elements while the skin cells heal.

The result is less redness, irritation, and chances of developing ingrown hairs and redness.

aloe barbadensis in baxter shave tonic

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a necessary element in the maintenance of healthy skin. In the Baxter Shave Tonic, the vitamin D is delivered in a form called Cholecalciferol, which is easily absorbed into the skin. This gives the cells making up the surface of the face what they need to repair themselves and put a halt on the inflammatory process provoked by the shave.


4. Alcohol

Alcohol has a bit if a negative connotation when it comes to cosmetic usage. The argument is that the alcohol dries out the skin and damages the tissue. This is true if you are applying pure alcohol to the surface of your face, but not true when used in combination with protective agents. In fact, it can actually be highly beneficial to the health of the skin in a formula that uses it intelligently like the Baxter Shave Tonic.

In the case of the Baxter Shave Tonic, the alcohol allows the tonic to spread evenly over the surface of the hairs on your face. It also greatly improves the absorption of the larger elements of the tonic, which have a soothing and hydrating action. Alcohol has the unique ability to open the pores, allowing more of the phytochemicals contained in the Aloe barbadensis extract and essential oils to reach the root of the hairs and cells below the surface of the face.

alcohol in baxter shave tonic

How To Use The Baxter Shave Tonic

This shave tonic is designed to optimise the shaving process but is not a standalone product. You will need to use a high-quality shaving soap or cream, and razor for this product to really stand function as well as it can.

Apply the shave tonic before your shave, and allow about a minute for the constituents to soak into the follicles, and hydrate the hairs. The hair on your face will gradually begin to perk up and stand straight on your face, and the hairs will become soft and will cut easily.

Using a good quality shaving cream like Baxter’s super close shaving formula or a soap like Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet Shaving Soap.


Follow up with a face rinse

This ensures all the pore-clogging soap and tiny hair fibres are removed from the face. When your finished apply another round of the Baxter Shave Tonic.


Let It Air Dry

By letting it air dry on your face you can ensure the chemicals contained in the formula will soak evenly into your skin, reaching the base of the follicles, reducing inflammation, and toning the cells that make up the skin.

With a product like this, you can be sure your face remain as free from razor burn, redness, and ingrown hairs as possible.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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