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Product Review: baxter Super Close Shaving Formula

When it comes to shaving, the closer the better. Getting a close shave leaves the skin feeling smooth and clear, but often brings with it an increased chance of developing that irritating and unsightly razor burn. Baxter of California has produced this Super Close Shave formula to give the closest shave possible without catching that nasty razor burn.

product review for the baxter super close shaving formula

This product is an innovation on the classic shaving soaps and creams in several ways. Although it creates a thick lubricating lather, it does so in a totally different way. Baxter formulated this cream to provide what we can refer to as a microfoam. This means the bubbles that make up the foam are incredibly tiny, allowing the blade to have a closer proximity to the base of the hairs while you shave.

The best way to investigate how this formula actually works is to look at the logic behind the formula.


Baxter Super Close Shave Ingredients

This formula is based on 3 principles; Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial botanical extracts, a rich microfoam lather, and a thin layer of lubricating and hydrating oil.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects Of The Baxter Super Close Shave Formula

The botanical extracts contained in the super close shave formula include peppermint and tea tree. The essential oil extracted from the leaves of these plants have well known anti-inflammatory actions on the skin.

When aiming for that extra close shave, the risk is that the blade will rub abrasively against the facial skin where the follicles are found. This causes the skin cells to panic and start the inflammatory cascade. Blood begins to rise to the surface of the skin, water fills the spaces between the cells, and the pain receptors are triggered. This is what causes the redness, irritation, and swelling associated with razor burn.

With the super close shave formula, the anti-inflammatory plant extracts stop this process by inhibiting something known as the “COX-2” pathway before it has a chance to cause any of these negative effects. This is actually the same pathway that Aspirin uses to stop inflammation inside the body.

peppermint leaves

The Microfoam Lather

There’s a reason shaving soap has been such a fundamental part of the shaving process from the very beginning. The microfoam generated by a good lather is what allows the blade to lightly glide across the surface of the skin, chopping off any protruding hairs in the process.

The Baxter super close shave formula takes this to a new level with their advanced lathering formula. A careful mixture of emulsifiers like stearic acid, viscosity enhancing agents like Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, and lubricants like zinc stearate allow this formula to outperform most of the other micro foaming shaving lathers on the market. Basically, the bubbles are smaller, more frequent, and easier to produce.

The innovation behind the Baxter super close shave formula has actually earned it several awards and special recognition including Instinct Magazine Male Grooming Awards for Best Shave Cream or Gel.


Thin Layer of Oil

The Baxter super close shave formula features soybean oil. The oil extracted from the bean of the soy plant is naturally rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, monoglycerides, and triglycerides.

The monoglyceride portion of the oil is quickly absorbed into the hair. This acts to hydrate soften the base of the follicle, making them easier to slice with your razor. If the haircuts easier, resistance on the blade can be reduced and the blade can glide evenly over the skin.

The fatty acids that make up the bulk of the soybean oil are “hydrophobic”. This means that in the presence of water, the oil is forced as far away as possible. The result is an ultra thin layer of oil around the lather. Just enough to lubricate the skin and provide a barrier for the blade to glide across.

soy bean oil

Using The Baxter Super Close Shave

To use this product, simply apply a thin layer to the face with your hand or a shaving brush. Allow 1 or 2 minutes for the oils to soak into the hairs to soften them, then shave as desired with your favourite razor.

The result of such a formula is truly optimised for allowing the closest shave possible without risking irritation or damage to the skin's surface. The skin is left looking clean, clear, and smooth to the touch!

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