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Product Review: Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor

bluebeards revenge cutthroat razorThe straight razor has been the longest running precision shaving instrument for men throughout the ages. The single blade and razor sharp edge slices cleanly through the durable hairs on a man's face. The problem with the straight razor has always been the inconvenience with keeping them sharp, and the price tag that often accompanies using and maintaining the straight razor blade. Numerous additional tools are needed to keep the blade sharp, including a strop, and wet stone. It takes skill and practice in order to maintain the blade razor sharp.

Bluebeards Revenge brings us a solution to this problem, with their Cut Throat Razor. This foldable razor is technically a shavette, which is defined as a disposable blade straight razor. The design of this razor means you can have the benefits of a razor sharp straight razor, and the close traditionally inspired shave that goes along with it, without the inconvenient need to frequently sharpen the blade to maintain its use.

The High Value Of The Cut Throat Razor

This shavette by Bluebeard’s Revenge offers incredible value overall. Its low price tag ($25.00), yet quality design makes it one of the most popular shavettes on the market today.

It offers a huge improvement to the straight shaving market, as it both lowers the cost of the shavette itself and removes the need to purchase and maintain it with a strop and whetstone. The disposable blades for the shavette are also incredibly cheap, costing less than 10 cents per blade.


Cut Throat Razor For The Modern Man

Bluebeards Revenge has brought the straight razor to the masses with this product and is a perfect companion for travel or at home use. The disposable razor design is both innovative and convenient and gives the modern man the opportunity to enjoy one of the most traditional methods of shaving available without the downsides.

This straight razor is the perfect introduction to wet shaving with a straight razor, for the modern man always on the go, and for anybody who travels frequently.



The Finish

Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor uses a modest design, with the company’s signature colour scheme on a durable polycarbonate handle, stainless steel blade holder, and easy to use and rigid mechanism for readily available disposable blades.

The overall length of the shavette is 22 cm when fully open but fold in half on itself for easy storage and transport.



Using The Cut Throat Razor

To use this razor with double edged blades, prepare the blade by bending it in half lengthwise while still in the wax paper covering. It will eventually snap cleanly in half to produce 2 separate blades.

Taking one of these blades, place it in the hinged mechanism on the end of the Cut Throat Razor in line with the location pins. Now carefully close the mechanism until the holes of the blade go into the pins on the cut-throat razor. This step needs to be done carefully so that you don’t cut yourself on the sharp blade of the razor. The first few times should be done with extra caution until you get a feel for how the mechanism works so that you can do it safely.

Once the mechanism on the cut throat razor is closed, you’re ready to go! Lather up with a high-quality shave cream such as this one by Bluebeards Revenge, and their Badger Shaving Brush.

Now simply wait 1-2 minutes for the hair to soften, and enjoy one of the closest shaves of your life!



Final Thoughts

Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor is a truly special product for the man seeking convenience and value. The cost of the razor is low, and there is no need to worry about keeping it sharp. This is a perfect introductory razor to the world of straight razors, and an excellent, stress-free travel companion. It allows for a classical, straight shave morning ritual, while eliminating any of the negative downsides associated with the practice (like maintaining the razor edge).

Check out the history of shaving for more information on how the razor has evolved over the years!

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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