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Product Review: Go247 Shave Cream

Shaving is a very personal experience for a man. Each man has his own preferences for products, techniques, and frequency when it comes to shaving. Although shaving soaps remain one of the most popular choices of shaving lubricant to this day, creams offer distinct advantages over the traditional soaps, especially when it comes to dry skin. 

The Go247 Shave Cream is considered a non-lathering shave cream. The extra thick and creamy texture mean it doesn’t need to foam and lather to provide the same level of lubrication needed by other formulas. It’s perfect for those with especially dry skin and allows those with normal to oily skin to use much less product during their shave.

With this product, a little bit goes a long way.

 go 247 shave cream product review 

The Benefits of Shave Creams

A cream differs from a soap because it’s an emulsion of oils and water. A soap, on the other hand, is an emulsifier in itself which helps it to form a foam and lather to remove the natural oils on the face. This works well for shaving but can cause the skin on the face to dry out faster. A cream, on the other hand, provides a layer of oil back to the face while you shave, thus helping to prevent the skin from drying out.

Aside from the direct hydrating effects that shave creams like this have on the face, the Go247 shave cream offers an improvement in the shaving process itself. The thick cream washes off much easier from the blade of the razor while you shave. With soaps and lathering creams, it can be frustrating to wash the blade between swipes because the hair and soap seem to stick firmly to the blade.




Using The Go 247 Shaving Cream

This shaving cream is different from your average shaving cream. It is a “non-lathering” shaving cream, which means it is designed to provide lubrication for the razor without the need to form a thick lather over the skin.

The thick creamy texture of the Go247 Shave Cream makes it easy to apply over the face evenly. After allowing 1-2 minutes for the cream to hydrate and soften the hairs, simply shave as normal.

The key to this type of shaving cream is to avoid using too much. This product goes a long way on its own, and shouldn’t be used as liberally as a normal shaving soap or lathering shave cream. The product simply needs to coat the base of the hairs with a thin layer of the emulsifies creamy mixture.

This cream is incredibly hydrating and can restore the hydration to a dry face after just a single use. This helps to protect the skin from wrinkles, UV damage and makes it more resistant to redness and irritation.




Go247 Shave Cream Breakdown

The Go247 Shave Cream is the perfect solution to men who find their shaving soap tends to dry out their face. The thick creamy consistency and non-lathering qualities make it perfect for hydrating the skin while you shave.

It comes in an attractive matte black bottle that fits perfectly into your gym bag, medicine cabinet or travel Dopp bag.



Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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