Product Review: Imperial Classic Pomade - The Emporium Barber

Product Review: Imperial Classic Pomade

You know exactly what you are getting with Imperial Classic Pomade when the 'Hold Strength' number on the side of the tub is circled at maximum hold.  This is a luxury grooming brand for men, a Classic Pomade made by barbers for the people.

This water-based pomade is a firm hold, water soluble, hair styling product for men with a subtle natural scent that gives you a cracking shine without the grease. As it is water-soluble pomade, it will not feel as greasy or oily as petroleum-based pomades when you apply to your hair.

What's so good about this hair styling product?

This pomade is great when used with dry hair and provides a lighter hold if your hair is damp.

You will find that if your hair starts to wave or curl as it grows; then, Imperial Classic Pomade can be applied to your wet hair and molded into your required style as it will hold a tight shape. 

Just grab a dollop, mix it with your hands then apply and style then let it dry. 

The great thing about Imperial Classic Pomade is that you only have to apply it once to retain that great shape as it lasts all day, as opposed to other pomades where you might have to replicate several times.

Imperial Classic Pomade

Imperial Fibre Pomade

Imperial Gel Pomade

maximum hold pomade for men

This is a strong hold hair styling product for men where you know that the four on the side of the container means a four when it comes to firm hold and it goes through completely dried hair perfectly and combs through just as well.  

Once the pomade is in your hair and your hair dries, that's it for the day. If you do have to re-style then all you need to do is add a little water, comb your style through, and you are back to looking the business. For extra hold apply hairspray.

non greasy and easy to wash out

What we also like about Imperial Classic Pomade is it washes out easily. 

Just wash your hair as normal, using any hair shampoo and conditioner, and it's gone, with none of that greasy feel you get post wash-out with other pomades.

Imperial is a strong hold hair styling product for men, and it is good for thick hair. 

Style your pompadour with this pomade, wind your window down, turn up the stereo and watch as your hair doesn't miss a beat.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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