Product Review: Imperial Shave Bundle - The Emporium Barber

Product Review: Imperial Shave Bundle

Imperial Barber Products was made by two Los Angeles-based barbers back in 2009 after they were tired of the poor state of products available to them at the time. This shave bundle by Imperial is the perfect combination of imperial products to start your wet shave off right. It is the “gift that shaves face”.

imperial shave bundle product review


What’s In It?

The Imperial shave bundle includes a dual purpose glycerine face and shave soap, premium pre-shave oil, and their bergamot aftershave. All of this is kept in a reusable muslin draw bag.

It’s a no frills, all function, premium shave bundle. The products contained in this kit are designed to work specifically together, and use both all natural ingredients, and is designed to be multipurpose. For the utilitarian man, we highly recommend you check out this shave kit.

The Pre-Shave Oil

Imperials pre-shave oil is truly a barber-grade shaving product. This oil is often used in barbershops in combination with hot towels to give as much hydration and pliability to the coarse facial hair as possible before a traditional cut throat shave.

For men who don’t want to get the hot towels ready before every shave, this pre-shave oil will still do the trick when applied straight to the face. The oil contains a proprietary blend of short and medium chain fatty acids, macadamia glycerides, and essential oils to coat the hairs, and enter through the scaly layers of the hair to give pliability and movement, making them far more comfortable to cut with the blade of the razor.

The result is a clean, steady cut as the blade drags across the surface of the face for a truly barber shop quality shave every time.

The Dual Purpose Glycerin Face/Shave Soap

The glycerin shave/face soap is the epitome of dual purpose. The soap is made from a combination of glycerin, botanical oils, and vitamin E. The glycerine acts as a slippery demulcent, soothing the skin's surface and giving it a slippery texture for the blade to glide across as controlled as possible. The oils included in this formula act to penetrate the hair's, increasing pliability and maintaining the improved hydration the pre-shave oil delivered earlier.

As you might have guessed, this shave soap is meant to be dual purpose, doubling as a face wash. The soap is gentle enough to use on the face, removing the buildup of grease and dirt, without stripping all the oils away from the face completely. This helps to maintain healthy, vibrant skin and slows the formation of the signs of ageing like crow's feet and laughter lines.


Imperials Bergamot Aftershave

The Imperial Bergamot Aftershave is the final step in the shaving process as laid out by this Imperial shave bundle. The soothing and refreshing essential oil of the bergamot fruit helps to reduce post-shave redness, and bring a healthy colour into the face.

Bergamot is used in aromatherapy to promote calmness and concentration as well, which is a perfect effect for the final stage of a shave in the morning. Go out and conquer the day ahead looking and feeling great.

Tieing it all together

We are truly impressed with this shave bundle Imperial Barber Products has put together. The utility of this kit is perfect for the man who prefers to live life as simple as possible, or for the man who travels and doesn’t want to carry around his entire medicine cabinet when he travels.

The soap works as both a face wash and shave soap, the pre-shave oil can be used as both a beard oil and to optimise his daily shave, and the aftershave is a perfect toner for the face both after a shave or after a wash.

The muslin draw bag included in this kit makes for a perfect travel case to keep all your shaving gear together in one place. All you need is a razor and shave brush to complete your kit!

Check out our favourite safety razor here, and shave brush here!

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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