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Product Review: Imperial Travel Shave brush

Keep your finger off that squirt button sitting on top of the shaving cream canister in your hand as now there is no reason not to carry out your shaving ritual when you are away from home, with Imperial's travel shave brush.

Imperial travel shave brush review


What is it?

Imperial has designed a unique travel size shaving brush that will fit snugly into your toiletry bag when you are on the road. This high-performance boar bristle shaving brush has a lightweight handle with protective cover, where the shaving brush retracts into the handle when not in use.

With boar bristles, you will find that the entire length of the hair is brushed which ensures a more thorough application of soap, and a cleaner shave. The stiffness of this travel brush lifts your hair follicles up from your skin so that when you use your safety razor, it gives you that cleaner cut.

It may feel course at first, but this makes it extremely handy for lathering your soap as it can agitate the surface of the soap a lot easier than badger hair.

You will also find over time that the tips of the bristles will soften as you use your shaving brush, so the stiffness eventually wears out and you may also find that when you use your boar hair brush for the first few times it will smell like a wet boar, but it will go away after a while. One tip is to apply a small amount of shampoo to the brush before you use it, then clean, so that the smell dissipates.


travel with this shave brush


Travel size shaving brush

The compact size makes it the best shaving brush to travel with and rather than lose your mahogany badger hair brush on your travels this is a welcoming addition to your travel shaving kit, to ensure that you get that close shave while away from home. 

If you are a businessman that is always jetting across the country and you want to steer clear of the canned goop and an electric razor, we highly recommend the Imperial Travel Shave Brush as part of your essential shaving kit and daily shaving routine. 

Grab this men's shaving brush so you can enjoy the benefits of a wet shave everywhere you go.


Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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