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Product Review: Muhle African Blackwood Fine Badger Brush

Mühle has produced numerous premium shaving brushes to the world market and currently boasts about 25 different build materials for the handle alone. These brushes are the Mercedes of men's grooming equipment, combining beautiful and luxurious materials into functional, high-performance shaving products.

Out of all the materials they use, there is something unique about the African Blackwood Badger Brush. The deep black colour and durable nature of the African blackwood handle makes it a perfect material for a premium shaving brush.

The longevity on a brush like this is incredible. Finished with chrome plated trimming, and fine badger hair bristles, this brush is a true display of the luxury and durability Muhle is known for.

 muhle african blackwood shaving brush review

The Fine Badger Bristles

Badger's hair is without a doubt the best material possible for a shaving brush bristles. The rigidity of the hairs, natural hydrophobic coating, and thin diameter allows for a huge amount of tiny hairs to stand firmly together to lather up your favourite shaving soap or cream. The only type of bristle that truly stands up to the badger hair is the Muhle designed “Silvertip fibre” which is their synthetic fibre bristles. The silvertip fibre is great, but doesn’t have the same longevity of the classic badger hair options, and lacks the natural beauty this brush is designed to celebrate.

With Muhle shaving brushes, the badger hair used in the construction of the brush are heavily scrutinised and filtered. The only hairs that make it through are the best of the best. It is this close attention to detail that makes Muhle products like the African Blackwood Fine Badger Brush stand out from the crowd.

This brush is sturdy enough to form a thick lather in your chosen shaving soap or cream, yet is soft enough to avoid scratching or irritating the face as you apply it. The brush washes off easily between shaves and dries out quickly. This is a key feature in a shaving brush to improve the longevity of the bristles. A brush that stays wet for too long will begin to degrade and can start to smell musty over time. The African Blackwood Fine Badger Brush is designed with the perfect bristle density to be strong and rigid enough for use, but sparse enough for the water to evaporate and drip off the bristles quickly.



The African BlackWood Handle

African blackwood is one of the hardest woods on earth. Known by botanists as Dalbergia melanoxylon it’s a popular material for building furniture and instruments for its beautiful dark texture, and durable structure. Other members of this family include the Brazilian rosewood tree, which is also highly desired for its beautiful wood and rose-like fragrance.

The African blackwood tree is a smaller tree, coming to us all the way from Tanzania, Africa. The black colour of the wood isn’t as dark as true ebony wood but has a unique yellow sapwood which adds an attractive grainy texture to compliment the deep black colour of the wood.

 african blackwood



The African blackwood tree is becoming rare and hard to find due to overharvesting in the wild. Muhle purchases only sustainably grown African blackwood for its use in their badger Brushes. Supporting these practices is helpful to the communities that grow this species of plant, and helps to protect wild stands of the beautiful African blackwood tree.

Muhle builds other products with this same African Blackwood finish, such as the African Blackwood safety razor.

These products are absolutely beautiful and look great as a display piece on the bathroom counter. Try using a brush stand or brush/razor stand like this one to take full advantage of the luxury construction of this brush by displaying it in your bathroom.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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