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Product Review: Muhle Badger Brush

If you are going to purchase a bottle of 2012 Penfold's Grange, you wouldn't pop into Target for some glasses to drink it out of. We hope you'd buy some Riedel Vinum XL to enjoy your wine. So, if you are going to start wet shaving then you need a brush, and we recommend Mühle's Black Badger Brush.

This German company is renowned worldwide for its quality standards, and when it comes to wet shaving accessories Mühle is a celebrated premium brand, and their handcrafted shaving brushes are an exclusive product at The Emporium Barber.

muhle badger brush black


Badger Hair Brush

If you are getting a brush, then it has to have carefully selected badger hair. Otherwise, it's like drinking Archie Rose X Horisumi gin on its own. Who does that? 

Only the best carefully selected badger hair is used for Mühle's brushes with the fine, conically tapered hairs able to retain a significant amount of water, which is what you want to produce a creamy shaving lather when you get going.

This premium product is stiff, yet soft and it doesn't shed hairs like cheaper brushes on the market and with good care will last, so make sure you grab a stand to keep it in mint condition. 

You'll find the handle is made of high-grade resin and refined in galvanised chrome to bring out the bling.

If you are looking for a brush that can scrub up those coarse hairs that constantly seem to lie down, then this is the brush for you. This is why it's critical that you find a brush that can hold water for at least three passes plus, without the need to lather up again.


How Do You Use It?

With a badger hair shaving brush, the quality of your shave improves every time as the brush tips get into the skin allowing your soap to penetrate and soften the beard follicles.

It also makes them erect so when you pass with your traditional safety razor the hair is easier to cut. If you have stubborn ingrown hairs, you will find that your shaving brush will help lift them out.

Don't forget with this ultra-lubrication now on your face it will make it easier to shave as your safety razor blade glides across your face.

So, first you need to wet the shaving brush with warm water and shake off any excess liquid, then place a small amount of shaving cream on the centre of the tip of the brush, or you can rotate the brush over your dish of shaving soap.

If you have a top-rated cream or soap, you'll have to do sod all to get it properly lathered up.

Lather this cream onto your face in a circular scrubbing motion – this is the best bit – then start shaving. When you need more lather just re-apply.

shaving with the muhle badger shave brush


Care And Maintenance

Rinse your brush with warm water and place, hairs down, in a stand to remove any excess water from the base of the brush

Don't place in a bag or a cupboard as this will cause mildew, and the brush will smell, and finally, don't put the brush in boiling water or tug at the badger hairs.

Once you've done that, go enjoy that Grange before you head out for the evening.

Trent Pridmore
Trent Pridmore


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