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Killer Honey by Neotantric


Killer Honey by Neotantric Fragrances has a uniquely fluid nature. It morphs from playful floral and spice early on to musky patchouli and the deep aroma of ylang-ylang. This complex aroma is highly floral but is balanced out well with the masculine base notes of patchouli and musk.

The ylang-ylang is at least partly responsible for the transition in aroma, as it changes throughout the day its persuasive nature convinces the rest of the scent to follow suit.

This is a great scent for those with two sides. Fresh and vibrant in the morning, and subtle and calm in the afternoon.


Ylang-ylang, pink peppercorns, elemi, jasmine, patchouli and peach, rose, rockrose, musk and benzoin.


Celine Ripert


100 ml Bottle

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