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Imperial Shave Bundle


The shave bundle combines Imperials Pre-Shave Oil, Glycerine Soap For Shave/Face Use, Bergamot After-Shave, and a reusable drawstring stash bag to hold them all together. This is a complete shaving system that any man can use to get a close, razor burn-free shave every time.

Combine with a high-quality razor and shave brush and you're ready to go. The pre-shave oil softens and moistens the hairs, while the shave soap gives a softening lather for the razor to slice through the hair as close to the skin as possible. The bergamot after-shave seals in the pores and stops any inflammation from appearing after the shave is done.

Included In This Kit
How To Use

Begin by washing the face with the glycerine soap bar. Once washed, apply a few drops of the pre-shave oil to the beard and face, and begin lathering the Glycerine soap bar up with your favourite shave brush. Apply to the face and shave as desired. Once finished rinse, and apply the bergamot after-shave. Voila! You now have a close shave and hydrated, healthy looking skin to go about your day with.


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