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The Emporium Barber Centurion Club

An invitation only club, created for savvy, forward-thinking gentlemen who are interested in business, finance, fashion and tech but, more importantly, lifestyle and success.


It’s a community of like-minded men, a place for men who inspire, educate and challenge themselves: men with purpose, courage, compassion and strength that disrupt the current stereotype. Its purpose is to help you become your best, your own man, purposeful and driven.  


The Centurion Club has been created for men by men and has one simple objective: to help enhance your personal and professional life. There has been an undeniable shift in the world around us, where success is more attainable than ever. The Centurion Club embraces this shift, and helps its members achieve their full potential.

We understand we are living in a different era compared to that of our fathers. In order to succeed, we now need to go against the status quo and take risks.  By adapting to opportunities and by becoming a Centurion, you will likely result in a highly fulfilled future!

Join The Centurion Club today, and become part of the most innovate Men’s Club, who's sole purpose is to help you fulfil your purpose in life... and have some fun along the way.


This is your invitation to join the club and become a Centurion!