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Pure Elements Jojoba Conditioning Cream 250 ml


Pure Elements Jojoba Conditioning Cream adds texture and nourishment to the hair. This formula contains a fine blend of the essential oils of sandalwood and clove and jojoba base oil. Jojoba is a unique plant extract that acts like an oil but is technically a wax. It matches our natural sebum almost perfectly. This allows jojoba to absorb into the skin and hair easily and gives the hair a natural healthy shine.

This jojoba conditioning cream also contains a rich supply of silk amino acids and soybean-based lecithin to promote a healthy shine, strengthen the hair, and stimulate the follicles at the scalp.

Hair Types

Suitable for all hair types.


Sandalwood and clove

How To Use

After shampoo, apply the jojoba conditioning cream and massage into the scalp. Ensure all hair is coated thoroughly. Rinse and towel dry.


250 ml Pump Bottle

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